# 26 The Luck of the Irish

Well, a good Sunday mornin’ to ya! In the spirit of our upcoming St Patrick’s day celebration I thought it would be fitting to spin a little yarn about “luck”.

It is true that there are those individuals who seem to win almost everything they try their hand at; my dad was one of those. In reality, the truth of our “luck” is based on our outlook and our belief system. We bring to us what we believe: how worthy we feel…how deserving (not entitlement)…and having the key to this: non-attachment.

My father didn’t care whether he brought home the TV set from Friday’s pool at work.  He was a free agent in this thinking. He was delightful.  He played, he worshiped and he understood the law of attraction. He had very little fear about anything.  He loved and he danced in the light of spirit. I accredit his amazing ability to win at everything, including dominoes, with his deep spiritual sense of being. My mother thought he was a bit child-like about his easy sense of life.  She didn’t flow in the same manner of consciousness as he did.

As a result of my dad’s belief system he never seemed to lack; he never seemed to struggle. Granted he was older when I was born so he had probably worked out some of the kinks of consciousness, but he lived as he believed and he attracted much to him because he understand that GOD had his back.  He understood how to dance with the spirit of the angels.  He knew that he need not struggle against the world, but join in and delight in his life.  He felt deeply and truly blessed and his life attracted those elements of kindness and love and flow that brought him all that was true.

My friends, delight in who you are! Play in the spirit of the young! Laugh! Love! Throw the cares and burdens away today and rediscover the playfulness you once had.  Do something fun! Relax and take a non-thinking-about the worries of life day!  It is Sunday and it is our day of rest. Build your luck…build the attraction of goodness by becoming in tune to your light and joy and playfulness.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!