#29 How Are We Doing?

There are some days when it is difficult to find our equilibrium! As a former Teaching Principal at a local Quaker school I was fortunate to be able to teach the children how to “center down” every morning. It began our day. Even the kindergarteners learned how to sit quietly and still their personal activity for a few minutes. As the year progressed even my little 5 and 6 years olds knew the language and the value of centering down. Of course this process was a form of meditation.  We used visualizations to help guide the quiet time, played peaceful music and most importantly allowed them a daily opportunity to learn how to practice being still and listening to that of “God within”. If for some reason we had an activity which kept us from this beginning ritual, we all felt it. When we had a break we would stop then and there and take a few moments.  The students always noticed the difference from within themselves and in the group dynamic.

Those years were powerful ones…for so many reasons. The biggest gifts came from these innocents who understood through prayer and quiet time how they were benefiting themselves for success and happiness.

So, how are we doing? Are we peaceful today? Do we need a moment to center down, taking deep breaths to remind ourselves how powerful we are in our daily living? Each one of us, in our own way, can create a routine/ritual for beginning our day. It really doesn’t matter how you do it:  music…a brisk walk…yoga…quiet moments just to clear the energy. It only matters that you do it.  It doesn’t need to be a long process…ten or fifteen minutes.  It is a moment of remembering who we are and calling forth the higher, lighted energy of the Sacred Self to step into our daily life…helping us to work through the day with ease and grace.

We do not do this earth thing alone.  We have access to wonderful, guided understanding but first we must honor it by acknowledging the process and committing to spending a few moments with the higher, balanced parts of ourselves.  We set our intention for a guided day, we accept its possibilities and we go forth knowing that we have prepared ourselves for the wisdom and grace it provides.  This quiet time reminds us about who we really are and allows us constant access to ALL of the I AM of our unlimited creation.

I am willing…I am connected…I am in the constant flow of the Divine.