#43 Today Is…

On this Good Friday let’s take a moment to count our many blessings.  We have walked this Lenten Series together and have begun to walk in a New Light and Life. We have registered with our new thoughts and way of being. We have been in the process of elimination. We have cleared all the old thoughts, structures and conditions which keep us away from our Truth.

So, for today, we make these statements as we finish the last few days of this Lenten season:

Today is a new day.

Today is powerful.

Today is mine.

I am freer within myself than I have ever been.

Today is worthy of every lived and love directed moment.

Today I hold all peoples in the Circle of Love.

Today I forgive.

Today I trust.

Today I give thanks.

Today I AM.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!