Living With Loss

On April 25, 2011, my precious daughter, Kylleen, left this earth world. She came here on February 15, 1980, with promises of new life and a new order of consciousness.  She came here, as many Windows did, to bridge the world of darkness to the world of Light. And like so many Windows, she lost her battle to stay in order to help our world, and instead, decided she could do her best work from the other side of the human world. And…indeed she has.

There can never be enough written to explain what the loss of child is to a parent. The one single thread that draws us (parents) together is the personal knowing and pain that a child’s death brings. It cannot truly be explained for it is an organic experience…with words paling in comparison to the journey. However, today I will honor my beautiful daughter with her journey now…in those other worlds…those other realms which seek to support our life here.

Every parent has to make sense of losing their child, whether or not that is truly possible. For me and my belief system, the continuation of life after death is guaranteed. I am in the business of spirit communication…although it is much more of a life calling. I have helped many to discover the meaning and consciousness of their loved ones after they have passed from this world to the next. I have held the energy of love and reconciliation for those left behind. It is truly a gift which I am grateful to have, for no one should feel left behind, questions unanswered. I never thought that I, too, would have the first hand opportunity of experiencing the loss of a child and therefore would have a deeper sense of what that means to a parent(s). It seems our children give us many gifts and learning experiences and death seems to be one of them.

In the next series of posts I will be sharing what it means to be a Window Child. It is time and I have promised Kylleen that I will step into this next part of her story in a public way. And so, today, in honor of Kylleen’s life here and in the next world, I am stepping into the story of intrigue and psychic warfare, magic and all things spiritual. My daughter has given her life for this special work. So it is time to make sure that all of those beautiful spirits who have come here to claim this world back from the darker forces, are honored, recognized and supported. The time has come. I love you, Kylleen. Happy Four Year anniversary into the world of Love and Light!

Please check out my song: Process of the Heart…this song honor our mother/daughter relationship and her new life in the world of Light.