Take the time to “see” the earth.

It is the day before Thanksgiving, and for the last two days we have been giving of ourselves, our thoughts and our healing words. Today we are going to extend beyond what we thought was possible. We are going to stretch our beliefs and what we think we know and try something even more healing and anchored. Today our words/thoughts will become visual. Today we will take the time to “see” the earth, her people and all the living energy on the earth turn into the energy of LIGHT. In the presence of life we know that there is a tremendous power to change things…perceptions, prejudice and the uninformed. Our astronauts have spoken extensively about how absolutely exquisite our little blue planet is from the view on the ISS. How amazing and undisturbed it appears from their view. So…today we are going to borrow that view, that vision and we are going to establish a network of Light energy circling the planet. We are going to become a cosmic coalition of Light workers and healers. We are going to embrace one another with the sole purpose of healing and awakening those who are living on Mother Earth.And as we are doing this we can also hold the mantra of the I AM…and bring it to the We ARE.

We are infusing the energy of the I AM and the We Are into this great encircling light that swirls around our planet with wisdom and grace.Using the statements of healing from yesterday we are building a sound system. A sound system which promotes only balance and harmony and right action.The light becomes sound and the mantras become light and each part of this takes a synergistic turn towards the whole.

We are now singing with our Mother and our song begins to erase the darkness and the illusion which brings so much chaos. We stand for another form of life and its creation. We stand for Balance and Honor, Healing and Beauty. We stand for Compassion and Forgiveness. And as this takes place we ourselves shift from dark to light, from fear to love.

It is important to remember that this intention begins to stimulate and create a new order; first within us and then within the world and our Mother Earth. With this work we are setting the tone to shift the collective…

I am…We are…ONE.

I am …We are…LOVE

I am…We are…LIGHT

and the mantra continues….