The Sacred ‘I AM’

December 9, 2015

The Sacred ‘I AM’

There has been a lot of talk of late about the idea of Oneness,

cottonwood fluff and seedThe Sacred, the Divine, Mother Earth, Gaia, Quan Yin etc., There are many philosophies, ideologies, religions etc., which permeate the earth grid but all seem to be getting lost in the power of identifying the messenger, all the while forgetting the Message. It is not the messenger who matters…it is and has always been the Message.

When I was a boy growing up pretty much all over the United States, my family had a few traditions which stood the test of time and helped each of us in the family to have some sense of normalcy.  Moving around so much meant we were constantly uprooted, having to make new friends and figure out the  latest territory within our neighborhood.  In some ways it really shaped and defined who I was. I was able to make friends easily but I found that I was not able to remain with them for very long and because of that I didn’t go very deeply into the friendship.  It was just a matter of time before I would have to leave my friends and that was painful. I got over it by looking at other things, including my love of music. Having traveled so much by the time I got to college I had developed a sense of the world which helped me shape my life as I moved forward. Because I had learned how to detach myself at almost a moment’s notice I was able to feel the freedom of traveling and taking risks. I was not tied to any one place or person as I began my music career and that allowed me to seek the highest ground in my art. There is definitely a down side to that but I have realized that by having the parents that I had, I had been programming myself for this type of nomadic gypsy life. Music was my dream, my purpose and my salvation.

But I digress, as Jeanne would say.

My real purpose for today is to tell you a bit about the Divine story…not as any particularly famous celebrity but as a person of interest directly glued to the television set of the Divine. I am just one of many who have been to those places where poets and scholars have visited in their musings. I have traveled to the stars and back, as people say.  I have touched the face of God and danced on silver wings.  But more importantly I have chosen to stay, to be here now and to share my version of life and light, love and forgiveness, peace and joy.  I am also hoping that the message will be more important than the messenger.

As you all do your thing with the shaping of the holidays…as you all decide who you wish to be during this season of celebrating… please allow me to add another view and perspective.

What if…what if the message is the same for all of us, regardless of our religious affiliation or the programming we have been receiving for many lifetimes? What if each messenger was here to share the understanding that Love Is All There Is? What if we are each a component of this message and we are here to help ourselves remember this and rediscover it? What if there is nothing else but “right here and now”. What if we could wave our hands and make the world a better place by erasing all the old stories, the misconceived ideas, the perpetual greed for honor which cannot come from anyone other than ourselves? What if we finally accepted that we are GOD…that the essence of God creation resides deeply embedded in each and every one of us?

I have seen a lot of things, been a lot of places since I left my body of John.  Not once did I find myself faced with darkness. Not once did something horrible attempt to overtake me.  However, when I first began to visit this particular vibration again the darkness was so very apparent.  Why? Because the world population believed it to be true. It sounds so simple, really…being able to eradicate the darkness by a wave of the hand…but imagine what would happen if the majority of beings on the planet at this time believed this? It would be like a wave of the hand…the cosmic hand erasing and eradicating all the untruths. Darkness only exists because the light has been covered up. Take the veil off of unbelief and you find yourselves facing the brilliant light of the Creator and its creation, which is you and me and everyone.

During this season of Light maybe we can attempt something we have forgotten: to be the Light…not just talk about it, sing about it, think about it…but BECOME the LIGHT. We can all do this with just a wave of our cosmic hand. We each have a cosmic hand and an earth hand…one that brings the truth of our Light to us and the other which distributes the Light to the world. We have forgotten we are already that which we seek.

When I first “went over” I was talking with the guidance team that had been assigned to me.  It was actually kind of trippy…but in actuality quite dramatic and powerful. I asked to see the overview of my life, thinking that is one of the first things that we are supposed to see. One particular counselor began to laugh, this roaring, obnoxious laugh.  I turned to him and quietly asked him to knock it off and have some respect. “I just died here…can you be any more annoying?” With that this particular gentleman just laughed even harder and longer.  Rule number One…don’t ask questions or tell the counselors what is going to happen. They are here to help us acclimate and we just don’t really know anything when we first get over. One of my many firsts in learning some divine humility.

The old story, apparently, about us reviewing our life or having it flash quickly before us may happen to a few but it definitely is not the norm. What is the norm is being quiet, observing, breathing and taking it all in…like a child seeing their first Christmas tree etc. (pardon the Christian reference). I was humbled beyond any thoughts of humbleness, not because I felt stupid or out of place but upon the realization that this new world I was to be a part of simply paled to any comparison of those who feel they know what it is to be here. There was such a sense of HOPE…no lingering drama or pain.

As you know I lost my head, quite literally, when I died.  Ha ha ha…some would argue that that was my last attempt at making a point…through the drama of my death. However, it was just the circumstances of my bodily demise. I never felt a thing. I just drifted to the sounds of a heavenly choir and found myself with these guidance counselors.  Apparently I rated several more than usual because of the magnitude my passing had on the world. They were there to shelter me as much as anything. Grief on a personal level is bad enough for those who depart the world arena, but for me, as a public figure, the wave of grief could quite possible catch up with me and pull me away from my new world. It has been known to happen. So, I was surrounded and shielded. And it was a good thing because my family was having a very difficult time, but to feel the weight of the world’s sadness was to be detrimental to acclimating me to my new world.

I say this because I want to share with you the magnitude and the power of LOVE as it came to me after my death. Although I was shielded and protected I was very much allowed to see and hear how the world was responding to my passage out of the world domain.

It was overpowering…overwhelming…beautiful.  It was almost too much for me to take in.  At one point I asked to be removed from this experience.  When I was asked why… I responded very simply…I am not that important or that worthy. That’s when this particular gentleman presented his very full view of what this transition will mean and will continue to mean over the years. It was so hard to take it all in.

I am going to call this gentleman Seth. And Seth continued to say to me, “You know son”…”don’t call me son”…”you have had an important position in this world but your place is still to continue here and with a little self-awareness of the cosmic kind you will soon come to know why you left when and as you did.  Come with me.”  And with that I found myself in the typical cosmic heavenly world that is just like we hear about…but even more. I could hear all this music and, of course, was really grovin’ on it when all of a sudden I realized that a huge curtain had opened up and Seth then encouraged me to send all the music I was hearing back to the earth…to help those who were in pain and feeling the loss of John Denver, but also their own losses of those whom they have loved.

And with a wave of my hand, my very cosmic hand…I redirected all the music back to the earth, such as a cosmic orchestral director would lead his musicians to play the beautiful symphonies that have been passed down through the ages.

It worked. And I found myself still involved with the very music that brought my soul deep and abiding joy. I found a way to return the beauty of sound and of the melodies and harmonies of the soul to my world that I had just left. I felt more like a magician waving his magic wand placing color and melody and beauty wherever it best served. And the sorrow of loss, of leaving my family and friends behind began to melt away.

I discovered the power of sound in ways I couldn’t have even dreamed about. I was learning to change energy.  I was being taught the structure of creation, its power and beauty and mysticism. I was being directed absolutely through the creation of LOVE.

And that is the whole point of this story today.  It is to speak of the unspeakable. To direct your consciousness to the power of Love and Light and Forgiveness and Joy. To paint with words a new potential for this holiday season. To help you uncover, remember, that all of you reading this possess a vital component of the Divine, of the Sacred I AM. When you speak the phrase I AM it is important to complete the mantra with I AM Light.  I AM Love…I AM truth…I AM healing…I AM erasing…everything that doesn’t hold LOVE, Light and Forgiveness. I am using my cosmic hand to wipe clean all that detracts from the story of our goodness, our beauty, our kindness, our ONENESS. I am aware and I am awakened.

Please don’t confuse the message with the messenger.  There are many who come and have come with a similar message.  But from here what we hear and see is that you are losing hope, you are losing the confidence to know that you are all this and more.  You always have been and you always will be LOVE.  There is no one as important as you at this moment in time. I am simply here to remind you of this and to encourage you to act out the Divine in your Christmas/Holiday story this year.




“Love Came Down at Christmas,” a Channeled message from John Denver

December 6, 2015

For those of you who know me…
John Denver in his mono wing Long EZ.

Love Came Down at Christmas…

Greetings to one and all this holiday season.  And for those of you who feel that we have been left behind on this planet let me reassure you that there is no such desertion taking place. We are all being loved and cared for.  In fact, the best is yet to be. You see there are many little elves and gelflings, angels and higher beings, saints and sinners, who are gathering as this is being written.  These beings are all a great big part of this human story.  It is all about self-discovery and what it means to find the humanity in our world condition, as well as to find the humanity in our personal stories. We forget that though, don’t we? We forget how beautiful our spirit is and it takes this time of year to help us try and remember.

I am with you on this. I am here…and I have stayed here to help you remember.  There are a whole gaggle of Beings…tall ones, short ones, human ones, intergalactic ones who have stayed, even during the darkest times, in order to bring about the Light and its change.

And although I have been “over” for quite some time, I am as real and as interested in the world condition as I was when I lived in the body, wrote and sang songs and flew airplanes. I am as real as the moment I stepped foot on this planet and as real as when I left it. Rest assured that there are many, many spirits whom you have come to love who are still with you even when their bodies lie in rest or float in the endless ocean throughout time and infinity.

There are certain cycles and configurations which take place through the celebration of our religions, our cycles of Mother Earth and the energy of the stars. This is one of those times when the energy of the stars and the moon and the cosmos is particularly vibrant.  This is one of those times when there is a shifting, a changing of the guard, if you will.  And if I can have your attention for a brief moment I will lend you a piece of this wisdom, this journey.  It isn’t really mine to give.  It is yours.  I am simply here to help you remember and connect. I am a way-shower, if you will.  I have remained and kept my consciousness as John so you would feel familiar and confident.  I have stayed because the very love and respect for human life I had all those years ago still remains.  And it is time for me to share this from this side of the stars.  My friend, Jeanne Love, has graciously given me permission to work through her.  We have written several songs together.  And I am thrilled that she is finally willing to write down my words for me in order to help in any way I can at this time of the earth’s serious transition from dark to the LIGHT. Jeanne is also a way-shower, as many of you know her to be. I marvel at her strength and fortitude in the face of so many destructive forces…however, I digress and she is not pleased when I wander.  Just like a woman…task oriented! But I love her for what she brings to this world.  What she brings to me and what she offers the world.

We are beginning a cycle of serious change.  It is starting as we hear the miracle story of Hanukkah…and will continue as we celebrate the Winter Solstice.  It will breech in its entirety as we move through the traditions of Christmas and into the New Year. Pay attention to us…to spirit…to the birds, the stars, and the people whom you surround yourselves with at this time of year. In order to promote the deepest level of transitional healing we must take the charge of Forgiveness and Unconditional Love.  I know and I am aware of the many dark events that have been taking place over the last few years…heightened in their severity so much so that it seems that Darkness has had the last word…but hear me…THAT IS NOT TO BE SO.

Your power in all of this is to FORGIVE and to redirect the energy of fear and hatred… into the world of Light…by forgiving with understanding that these illusions are not the final word on creation’s doorstep. YOU have a magnificent opportunity to be the change in this world which seems so hungry to be feed.  YOU have the ultimate power of reformation.  YOU have the power to heal and redirect.  It is a collective you see…and as each one of us changes our deep personal story…as each one of us decides we no longer wish to hold the burdens of darkness filled with regret, deceit and betrayal…then we hold the power of forgiveness in our very own hands.  That power to forgive and understand that all that has been no longer needs to be …sets the whole world free because it has set you and I free.I will write…with Jeanne’s help…a little story over the next few weeks to share my perspective that can lend a hand to you all who are reading this…to feel the release…the ability to let go…the ability to be MORE than the old, dark stories.

I am humbly one of many who strive to hold and carry the Light through Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. I am here to encourage you and to help you experience the joy and peace of personal release.  This is all you can do and this is everything that you can do. This is the ultimate seasonal GIFT to yourself and as a result, to the whole world. Know that I love you, respect you and look forward to your transformation from the old to the new…you can do this.  I believe in each and every one of you…to be more…to be brave…to be what and who you are meant to be. I am always your John…I am the Eagle/Hawk and I live in high places…But I also live with you…every one of you.  We are one, you see.


John Denver

Earth Song


by Jeanne Love
download pdf.

Rain.   Thunder

Magnificent Lightening.
Clearing.   Cleansing.
Healing a once darkened
Circle of Light

Military.  Native.   Pioneer.
collectives of Light and Love
Strolling the Heavens above us
Washing Us Clean.

Erasing.    Erasing.   Erasing.

Memories.   Incidents.    Events.
Sorrow.   Grief.
Harsh realities of mis-adventures
darkened this world once;
Now it is being Reclaimed,
Restructured, Blessed and Rebuilt.

Darkening Skies
only a Temporary color
to wash away
Guilt, Shame and Pain
of a visible past.

Tides turning, colors returning.
of massacres eliminating
from the Energy blueprint
of this Golden Land.

Peace.   Peace-filled.    Peace Pipe.
Smoke Streams
the invisible ceremonies
of spirit dances
a new TRUTH
a new WORLD.

The Ancient Ones
their Birth song,
within the clouds of Earth
in our Self-Discovery of Light
we understand
what it truly means
“To Be Saved.”

Mother Ship
holds a steady course.
The spotters
release from her,
to earth,
making their way into the ground
like young seedlings’
first glimpse of morning sun.

The urgency Rests now.

We have come
and Returned her land
to those who have created
this Garden.

Those psychic Earth Gardeners
who have traveled
across cosmic skies
to check on
and tend
to their young.

are not young;
but old, Knowing,
returning to help the process,
make It so.

How Did We Do?

What have we


Only the Knowledge
the blueprint for life.

And That
Love Is Truly ALL There Is.


Thanksgiving 2015

I have been hearing this song in my head for several days now and I find it an important message and reminder of our lives here on Blessed Mother Earth.

The history of this song goes way back, as do many versions, but this is the one I choose to share. It comes from the Unity Church Hymnal: Wings of Song, based on a folk song from the Netherlands and arranged by Edward Kremser.

WE gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing, in silence and service His will is now done. His word ever stressing, His wonder expressing, Sing praises to the Father, We know we are ONE.

Within us abiding, our GOD, ever guiding, ordain and maintain Your true kingdom divine. As from the beginning, the prize we are winning; O Light, reveal the way, O Love in us shine.

We come to sing praises with glad alleluias, And know that in giving our blessing shall be. Let this congregation proclaim the new creation; in Spirit, we are ONE, in Christ we are free.


***I know that the Christ represents all the levels of Divine love of which we are capable of manifesting.  I know that God as HE/ Father is also interchangeable with Mother/ Her. In GOD there is no separation between male and female because we are all ONE.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may the blessings of gratitude fill your everyday world.  May these many blessings spill over to those with whom you have contact and may your heart find the peace and joy which is meant for us all.

May this Thanksgiving season bring us the truth of freedom…that it comes from within…is easily demonstrated and changes everything. We gather to remember this.  We gather to BE this and we sing to share this. No walls…no lines…no fences…just loving, beautiful, amazing creations of Light waiting to be activated.

The Truth About the Ho’oponopono

This concept of clearing/cleaning old stories fascinated me from the first time I heard about the work Dr. Hew Len did with the patients he “treated” at the Hawaiian State Hospital back in the 1980s. I have been doing healing energy work for many years but this particular format caught me deeply and hooked me in to a new level of exploration and incorporation, both personally and professionally.

As I grew in this understanding, as I allowed this model to become organic and not intellectual, my life began to change. It was clear, really deeply clear, that my world was a total manifestation of my thinking…my ideas and experiences about life. Yes, I had known this since I first began to study the metaphysical world, knowing that my head was my best and worst enemy.  In order to reclaim broken parts of myself I had to heal the incorrect configurations of what I thought my life had been and still was becoming. I loved and hated the idea that my “stories” could be cleared and that I could be freer than I ever “thought” possible. Yeah, right!

My dearest friends who are walking, working and becoming the LIGHT: We must find the courage to speak the truth…the truth that we no longer have to BE these stories to teach…to reach or to incorporate the contrasts we hold so dear in this world community. They are what they are…but if we truly seek the healing we talk about then we must move our experiences locked in these thoughts to another paradigm. Wow…that is huge!

There is a lot of talk among those of us seeking the higher ground in consciousness about ascension, about moving into the 5th dimension…whatever that is. I have had a different series of experiences and have been led by my own spiritual guidance to think about this differently.  It could be simply a matter of semantics but I think that making a few changes in this thinking might make deeper positive changes within the construction of consciousness.

Ascension implies moving up…transcendence means overcoming, moving beyond and in that overcoming there is expansion, more inclusion of ALL THAT IS. I personally would rather transcend. And perhaps to become more of the I AM both ascension and transcendence is required.

However we use our words and however we may be personally view ourselves the real essence is: how clear are we in our own thinking? How much have we released and recovered ourselves? How much limited thinking still lives within our daily routines?

There is no concept of perfection that fits beyond what we think we can achieve here. Perfection, the concept and implementation, is, in itself, a limited perspective of life and what it means to grow. If we somehow reach a state of “perfection” then we become stagnant and no longer support growth.  We are finished and there is no longer a need to have a life force…here or anywhere else. We can truly come to a place where we feel we have learned a certain aspect of life and are ready to move to the next level. But…we are ever expanding infinite beings and there is no level of completion which does not allow us to move to the next place of exploration within consciousness.

With this understanding and with the release work of allowing ourselves to shift and change in this new season…Autumn… provides us a unique opportunity to reap the collective healing that we have been “sewing” all summer long. We are these beautiful spirals of energetic love.  We move through and up, expanding, transcending, ascending in ways we have truly forgotten…until now. The shift of remembering is upon us…but the remembering is of our total, lighted, Sacred Self and not of the old pain-filled stories of loss, betrayal, sacrifice and fear.

Congratulations to you all…this is not our final destination but it is truly a remarkable destination…this awareness that we now are becoming free of the old unwanted stories and memories and that our memories are becoming clear, moving beyond the limits of earth thought and experience…breaking the barriers of prejudice and fear and instead becoming ALL THAT IS: the Sacred I AM.

One of my most favorite pieces by Brahms is: How Lovey is Thy Dwelling Place O Lord of Hosts. For those of you familiar with this particular piece of music it might be a nice time to tune in up and play it daily for a week so that you may feel and experience the changes within your energy field. For those who have never heard it…now is the time. Although written during the energy of the Christian concept of life it is no less inspired by a much bigger presence of Consciousness…Thy Dwelling Place…that is for us no matter the century, the world or the time. We get there by letting go…leaving the darkness of thought, mind, deed or action, walking instead into the house of God…the I AM, the Sacred space where love is ALL there is and forgiveness, gratitude and grace flows freely within our Sacred Sanctuary.

Happy Autumn!


I love you  Please forgive me  I am sorry   Thank you!

Brahms Requiem Link


Channeled Communication from Captain Frank Callahan NYC Fire Dept.

This communication from Captain Frank Callahan came through me on the 5th anniversary of his death. Captain Frank died in the tragedy of 9/11. I have channeled a lot of material over the years but this experience is as close to the top as they get.  I cried as he shared this story with me…not so much because of the painful memories but at the beauty and wisdom of his experience.  The added touch was that “Norman”, a personal friend of mine, was Frank’s guide through all of this. Norman was a gentle man, a musician and Spiritualist Minister…well liked and respected in his community of San Jose, Ca. It was at the Spiritualist Church in San Jose that I met Norman and since his passing Norman has worked with me in a tireless and brilliant fashion. It would be just like Norman to volunteer for the duty of such a difficult rescue operation.

It is my privilege to honor all the fallen spirits today by putting this up on my website, in hopes to inspire you as this writing has inspired me.

I love you   Please forgive me   I am sorry    Thank you!


Dear Friends who pray and seek peace…

We are here to thank you all for your concerns, your insights, and hard work. I am fire captain Frank, a captain in the NYC fire department. I represent so many who have lost their families and who have prayed for those of us who died on 9/11, to be safe. I am happy to say that many of us have found our new lives and have found peace. Many still linger in resentment and choose to live in the darkness which 9/11 created for all if us as Americans.  So many have made other choices. Some have decided to grow in their spirits, to recognize that we have far more power to change things then any of us pre- 9/11 would have ever imagined.  Some of us have stayed closer to our families than we ever thought possible. Some have chosen simply to move on and walk away from that day and the lives they once knew. However we have processed individually, the majority of us have stayed together as a collective to watch and honor the peace makers and their journey to salvage what was once a great America. Sadly, America has lost its direction and from over here we see the tear in the fabric of what we used to feel we stood for and promoted in our civil liberties and the freedom we hold so dear. I come today to warn, but also assure. I come today as the elected representative of those of us who died, to paint a new picture and to call for the understanding that is necessary to change the Grief into Light Action.

One of the first things that brought us together when we died was the incredible roar of angels singing. We almost forgot who we were and where we had come from because the roar of angels’ music completely surrounded us. We were drawn collectively into this huge hall and were  promptly loved and held by thousands of lighted beings. I could never have imagined anything so beautiful. When I came to…so to speak…and realized what had happened, I asked a kindly gentleman sitting next to me who all these people/beings were and how was it that the music was so beautiful? He responded in a way I will never forget.  He took my hands and said, as he looked so gently in my eyes, “Son, this is the result of the world praying for all of you.”

I cried. I cried deeply and reverently because I had NEVER known such kindness. I cried because I knew that my family and the families and friends of the others who were lost would be crying in desperation and grief. I cried because I felt sorry for those “on the ground” who didn’t know this. And then the strangest thing took place. Yes, stranger than what had already happened to me! I looked over to see where my “boys” were, the ones that had died in the attack with me. I saw only a few at first. I got a bit worried but the gentleman with me never left my side and knew I was frightened. I wanted to make sure that everyone “got out” and had come over here, wherever “here” was. He took my hand again and told me to look over and ahead of where we were standing. I couldn’t believe my eyes yet again. There was this beautifully magnificent eagle flying all around us.  It must have been larger than the biggest commercial jets we have in the USA. It was proud as it flew but it was more than a beautiful bird;  it had several foreign looking fellows in its talons.  At first I didn’t recognize them but I started to shake as I recognized that these foreign fellows must be the hijackers of the planes that ran into the towers. I was appalled and I was angry. The others grew anxious as they recognized who these men were. The anger started to catch hold like a fire that couldn’t be stopped. All of a sudden the beautiful angelic voices stopped and we found ourselves in this horrible place, full of anxiety and torment. We could barely breathe. How could this be and where had we gone?

The gentleman, thankfully, was still holding my hand and reassuring me that this moment could be temporary. I didn’t understand anything that was happening at this point.  All I knew was that I seemed to be back in the darkness again; the pain, the smothering heat, the screams of death were everywhere. I begged my friend for help and to get me and the others out of this place. “Show me the way”, I screamed, “Show me the way out !”Nothing happened and I was angry and felt betrayed. Was I to burn in hell for this? Was this hell? What was happening? From the most beautiful place to the darkest abyss, all in a few seconds. Was this where we were doomed to stay, in this pit of ugliness? I looked around and realized that there were many suffering close by me. We tried to talk to each other about what was taking place but it was to no avail.  We were lost, destined  to wander in the atrocity of this attack, labeled by the very act of being connected to the rescue attempts we were trying to make. What was happening? Then the man took me gently aside and said, ” This is the other side of prayer. The words of success at destroying others, has shaped this event and experience. Those who wanted this destruction are rejoicing and this is the energy which is surrounding you now.”  Oh my God ! I couldn’t believe the immediate shift. Were we all destined to be locked into those prayers of destruction and seeming payback by those radicals who had shaped these terrible events?

Then this kindest of kind men looked at me again, straight in the eye and charged me with this question: “Which do you choose?”

“What do you mean, what do I choose? I have a CHOICE?”

“Yes, Thankfully you do. Do you wish to be saved and healed by the choir of angels sent to you in prayer by those who believe in the power of love and forgiveness, or do you wish to swim in the sea of despair and retribution?”

You would think that I could answer easily and quickly but the experience was so foreign to me and so much further than any experiences on earth that I simply had to take some time to let it all sink in. My friend continued to stand with me and said, “If you go to the light your family of co-workers will go with you too. You are greatly respected and show such courage in the face of danger. They trust you to know. You have the power to shift this experience and bring truth and joy in the midst of deep despair.”

For a moment I, too, was dark, lost, angry and sullen. I saved lives, not took them. How could I be in this darkness? I was a so-so Catholic but I believed in God and treating others fairly. How could I stand by and release all this anguish as if I didn’t even care? And then I heard my men calling for me.  “Captain, Cap…where are we? Help! We are lost…where did the light go?” Within a few short moments of time I realized that I had the opportunity to continue to lead my trusting men back into the thoughts of prayer so strong that the darkness we were experiencing would quickly be removed. I squeezed my new friend’s hand indicating that it was the release of darkness I wished for myself and my men. Then he asked me the most difficult question ANYONE could ever ask me. “Do you see the eagle again?”

“Yes,” I replied.”In order to get back to the prayer, the light, the forgiveness, the healing you so desperately need, you must forgive these men…those men who took your life, their own and thousands of others.”

I thought I would die all over again as the anger and resentment began to build inside of me. How COULD he ask that of me? He just continued to hold my hand and smile, sending me warm thoughts of comfort and clarity.  All of a sudden I was with my grandma and my aunties. They were standing all together, holding each other and smiling. I didn’t hear them speak but I heard their hearts singing to me. They sang to me songs of the God of Love and Forgiveness that we used to sing at church. They reminded me that the only way to God was to forgive. I began to cry uncontrollably as I recognized what this all meant. I could not move into the place of Heaven with discontent, anguish, hatred or despair. The angles sang to us as a result of all those people around the world praying for us. These prayers were so beautiful, so forgiving that nothing could keep us from the joy of God.  When the hijackers were brought to us by the eagle all my own darkness shifted the beauty of the prayers we were receiving. In essence, we were giving the prayers away, denying their power. Our own anger was betraying us and nothing would save us from the darkness as long as we were honoring our own  anguish and hatred. What an interesting point of betrayal was coming forth. It seems that we were betraying ourselves. We had forgotten to forgive in order to be released. In those few moments as me and the men were coming to grips with this the sounds of the angels  started to reach our sad ears once again. We knew what we had to do in order to be truly free. I thought of Martin Luther King Jr. and his words…”Free at last.  Free at last. Thank you, God we are free at last”.  Now I KNEW what he meant.

It took awhile for everyone around me to come to the same conclusions as I did but once we did the Light grew brighter, our senses grew keener and our hearts started to feel lifted. The only tears now were for those who did not know this…and the grief that they would carry needlessly. What a sad moment for all of us.

I have communicated with several other medium/psychics but this is the first time I have written this through someone. The wonderful kind gentleman with me insisted that it was time. He says that you know him. His name is Norman. He says that he used to teach piano lessons and that he died of cancer quite a long time ago.  He has told me about you and the work that you and your friends are doing. I have watched you closely to learn and to grow. I am now working towards peace in our world. I have worked tirelessly to understand how this whole thing works. I am getting the hang of it Norman says. I have tried to communicate with my family and friends and have had some success but the grief keeps them from knowing the joy that we are all “right here”…just on different sides of the light.

Thank you, Jeanne, for taking the time to write this down for me. And thanks to EVERYONE who has prayed and done rescue work for those of us who left our physical bodies during the attack on the towers. I don’t choose to see the tower attacks as darkness…I choose to see them as light events: a time when we were shown how important it is to choose what we will serve…the consciousness of love and forgiveness…or the painful memories of loss and destruction. There are still those who died who have not yet been willing to “cross over into this form of understanding” but those of us who have just keep singing: “Free at last. Free at last. Thank you, God we are Free at last.” My other favorite is “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam”…You all need to know how powerful prayer is and continues to be for all of us. To help us and to help the world please don’t fall into the pity party victim syndrome.  It is a useless world that only sings to itself and simply goes nowhere.

In His Love and Guidance, Frank


Teacher in Space

This music was written for Christa McAuliffe, Space Shuttle Challenger Astronaut and teacher. Christa would have turned 67 years old on this birthday. This song was written the day after the Challenger exploded.  This is her song, her story.  She continues to view life through the message…the words…of this song. May all who listen to this song feel her presence, her love and her honor. She remains always a hero, a guiding star, a promise for what we may achieve and become. She resides in a proverbial state of awakening…creating, surrounding us all with unconditional love, as well as a deep and abiding love for this floating space ship, Mother Earth. Dare to dream, dare to believe…her message still sings on…we are in this together.  The Earth is our home and we are all brother and sisters.  I hear her say: “From where I stand now there is no difference.”

Christa’s Song

I slip the surly bonds and float on clouds above…I sing a brand new song.  Please hear and sing along. For death is just an image of life yet unfinished.  A path of life unending, God’s love ever attending.

Infinity…my life I see…in front of me…for the world to see.

Reach out and touch me.

I slip the surly bonds and float on clouds of love. I sing a brand new song.  Please hear and sing along.  Please hear and sing along…along …along

Christa McAuliffe in Challenger flight uniform
Christa McAuliffe (1948-1986) 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger teacher in space.

That cup of coffee

There are several things which are indicators to me that I have some lovely structure in my life. This structure helps me to get focused and pay attention, as well as to reflect on how my day needs to begin. Actually, in this morning structure there is a certain sense of freedom, a marker and testament to the fact that I have some leisure time to be in a quiet space and mull over my life and its sensations. It wasn’t always like this; for so many years I had to rise very early, hustling to get ready for work, getting kids to school etc. I enjoyed those years.  It meant that I was alive and functioning.  I had purpose and opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. But those years were also extremely busy and at times, there was more chaos than value to the activities which seem to have a life of their own. It can be said it was the best of times and it was the worst of times. They are past me now. I have settled into a different type of morning routine.  It is quieter, more peaceful and full of opportunity.

As I sit in front of my computer, writing this down to share with you, I have my wonderful cup of coffee with me. I know some are not coffee drinkers. But for me, it is a bit of my morning… beginning…the preparation, the brewing, the pouring and then the enjoyment of its aroma as I begin to take my first few sips. So, why is this such an important topic for me today?

During these early morning moments there is time.  There is time to think, reflect, organize, and direct myself to the quality of the day. It is my time to pay attention before the day gets away from me.  It is a time for me to center and to balance myself spiritually and to set my intentions for the flow of the day.  I ask the Great Spirit and my Higher Self to help the rest of me pay attention and to understand what is important and what is not important.  I reflect on what is necessary and what is not and I help myself to be open to whatever might be important for me today.  I ask to get out of my own way and allow the flow of the Divine to direct my way. It is my ritual and for me it works.

However, there is a deeper reason for this bit of sharing. When I am up in NW Nebraska, my friends, Regina and Jerry and I have the same ritual as well. The mornings are early because the sun starts its daily journey around 5 am up in that territory of the US during the summer (however, I still wait until at least 6 or 6:30 to rise). Regina is up and getting the coffee going, the dogs are out and about with their first morning romp and Jerry has perused the internet for communication from family and friends on FB, as well as morning headlines. Their home is 13 miles from town, much of it on a dirt road which fares well in the dry weather but becomes an interesting slippery mud-sloshing adventure during the heavy rains. Their wood frame house is surrounded by the most beautiful, engaging scenery of rocky buttes and horizons painted by the sun’s artistic mood.  When the sun is covered by clouds there is an equally stunning series of configurations to be seen.  It is simply breathtaking. We sit there, feeling the absolute beauty and grace of this land, the safe company of long time friends and feel the blessings which life has brought to us, even through the darkest of times. We sit in the kitchen dining-area and everywhere we look we have Mother Earth’s beauty to remind of us of who we are and what we have to be grateful for. On those mornings when the weather is good, we sit out on the deck which surrounds their home, taking in the early morning sounds of the many varieties of birds putting their nests together for their new families. And then the most important part of it all: we listen.  We are still, quiet, observant.  There is a myriad of life singing to the day as it begins. It is church.  It is sanctuary.  It is God. As we sit with our cups of coffee, enjoying the beauty of the world and our friendship, we ponder on life, with all its good and bad and ups and down, and we come to the same conclusion: we made it.

As I sit here now, with only the memory of those incredible mornings, I am back there in my mind’s eye.  The birds are singing outside of my window, my coffee is good and I hear Jerry sharing a funny story, Regina’s lovely voice asking me how I slept the night before, the dogs pleading with me to play with them…and I realize, once again how grateful, lucky and blessed I am.  For I have made it…I have survived.  I have lived to tell the tales. My grand kids will be up soon.   My dear friend, Roy, is over here to put a new ceiling fan together.  I will see a client in a couple of hours and it will be hot.  But, through it all I am alive. I have incredible memories and beautiful stories to tell of healing and resurrection. Let it begin.  It is time to tell those stories.  It is time to share.  It is time to reach out and paint those word pictures, if only to remind myself where I have come from and what is still left for me to experience.


Beginning to live in the New Paradigm

It is almost time for our Summer Solstice.  A time that marks the longest day and a time which needs to be honored as we transition from Spring to Summer.

Recently I was traveling in my favorite land country…NW Nebraska. Those of you who know me and have followed my blog know of my love for this land, its history and the deeply personal healing which we have been working to facilitate.  This territory is Native American land. It is the place where the Indian Wars were fought…were Crazy Horse surrendered and was murdered.  It remains the constant reminder of battle, conflict and wars between cultures and politics. The final breech was with the Battle of Wounded Knee, a much publicized but little understand horrific conflict which literally tore apart the psychic and spiritual fabric of those clans who lived in that beautiful country.  The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is the poorest of reservations and is located just over the border between Nebraska and South Dakota.

There are many places in this fine country of ours which still hold battle scars and wounds. Our biggest loss came in the form of the Civil war…one which was hardly civil and happened because of political differences and cultural resistance and intolerance. We seem to be a proud people forgetting the sacrifices on our own land that have been made over time…and for what?

I am writing today not to be political but to speak of humanity. We, as a culture and as a society, need to carry into this new paradigm of consciousness a type of human response which seeks to understand before it destroys, seeks to honor before it ridicules and belittles, and seeks to forgive before it decides to hate.

The negative responses from individuals as well as groups, only seek to further wedge our world, destroying its whole blueprint for being here. This world is here for us…to explore, understand, measure and experience what is unavailable in other non-physical worlds.  It is precious and it is necessary.

We, many at least, have lost their way.  It is time to help ourselves and then others to restore the original intent for incarnating here…we must move into the new paradigm…actually a new and improved one from times past.

In the work I was involved with in the last few months we were directed to help heal this Sacred Circle, this Sacred paradigm of Life. We walked Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, the biggest medicine wheel in America. We were directed to place energy carried by the souls who have come here to help us transform from the dark side to the light around the base of Bear’s Tipi…as it is called by the Indians. (and yes, it is politically correct to call them Indians). We cleared and redirected and placed new, stronger paradigm energy carried by the ancient ones. We called forth the spirit of the Ancestors and carried the energy of White Buffalo Chief as well as Rose Bud.  We carried these Indian nations with us for they have been so blighted and removed from their original selves that their weariness could not walk this alone. We cooperated and listened, sang and danced, loved and honored our ancestors…for we are all indigenous to this Mother Earth.

I would like you to join with me in my next series in blogging this story. We all carry the energy and shame of Wounded Knee or of the huge battles of the South during the Civil war. We carry the inner city struggles and the crippling effects of prejudice at any level. The fantastic news is that we are not powerless.  We have this tremendous energy just waiting to be found, cultivated and used.  It is the power of our own Being…of Love and Forgiveness.  It is the ability and skill of redirecting our own inner voice from one of stillness and hopelessness and resignation to that of Self-Awareness and Progressive Intent. We are all star seed children of Light.  We are all creators! We are all part of this incredible Mother Earth! We are all Unconditional Love.  We are all Forgiveness. We are human and divine and we have deep memories of who we are which are powerful and progressive.

As we begin this series, this new paradigm will be a very personal and joy-filled walk. The Grandmothers are close…can you hear them?  They have this “stage whisper”…not hard to detect. I can hear them laughing.  I hear their voices thunder as they get ready to help you prepare for this power-invoking journey.

Memorial Weekend May 2015

As I begin this writing I am sitting in the big room of my friend’s home in Western Nebraska.  We call it the big room because I could easily fit my home inside of it! It was built to offer a lending hand to those who shared the gift of art and has many memories stored inside these wood shaped walls and glass. This majestic home sits on many acres of land, 4000 or so feet in elevation, with rugged picturesque buttes as its back drop. It is simply stunning, holding so many landscapes depending on the weather.  Right now it is cloudy with a Scottish type of mist floating effortlessly between ridges and rises, making its way in and out, up and down like the tide of a Pacific ocean beach.

The waves are not tide driven here.  They are simply a result of the air and wind moving discreetly between land markings, trees and the rolling hillsides that make this area so unique. Very landlocked for this ocean accustomed girl but the vast expanse of this territory makes up for the lack of  ocean accessibility, which is 1500 miles away. It is peaceful here:  no cars, sirens, motorcycles.  Not even a plane overhead unless it is the one of two that are scheduled daily for the town of Chadron nearby. In its desired isolation there is real life. Mother Earth can be touched and heard.  She sings her songs frequently, as the storms pass through, as the wind howls its tune and as the night sky lights up like a Christmas tree. It is a remarkable event…sitting here and describing what it is like for me to be welcomed into this home and onto this land.

What we are doing here is hard to speak of…it is quiet work, constant work, necessary work and it requires of us a discreet nature, for it is not for the glory or the noise of an outside world. We are here to re-establish balance, to connect worlds of Light which have been pushed aside by contamination.  We are here to sing our Mother’s Earth song and to blend the world of Love and Light back into the culture and rhythm of Life. We are here to reconnect the balance into the Sacredness of the Circle…the Circle of Life, which holds all that we are and are seeking to become. It is about clearing the darkness from the world stories…to help eliminate the need for wars and destruction, wining and assimilating cultures because they are different.

On this Memorial Weekend let us think of a bigger story, a larger view. Let us take a moment to review our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, others and our Mother, our Earth. We have a lot of pomp and circumstance around the military and how they served our country and protected our freedoms. That being true, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to honor veterans? Wouldn’t it be healing to know that we no longer had to defend, uproot or otherwise destroy another’s world, our own sons and daughters lives, or anyone in between the violence of these crisis activities. I would like to visualize a world where no one is expendable…where no one is judged because of race, size, marriage preference or religion.  Can we visualize a world of understanding and exploration, where money is no longer the political god that it has come to be?

Can we drop our prejudices long enough to include others we might be challenged by? Can we spend 5 minutes reading love stories to ourselves, writing words of encouragement, sending the vibrations of absolute love and forgiveness instead of disgust and disagreement?

This land, this world, is here for us…ALL OF US…and it is to be respected, nurtured and honored.  We are not to fight over our Mother.  We are here to be in Grace with her and all that she offers. We are here to learn how to love, how to forgive and redirect.  We are here to rise above the energy of darkness and deceit. We are here to remember…that…

We are ONE…all knowing…all connected

Striving to be continuous in our love for one another and all peoples.

Our Light, together, shines so brightly that there is nothing we cannot see, understand or hold in consciousness for others.

This is our uniting prayer for this weekend.  This is our Mantra for our world, always.

With great love and gratitude…