#7 Ho’oponopono

How are you feeling today? Do you have time to stop for a moment and take an emotional inventory? Do you fear something? Are you frustrated by another’s actions? Are you lost in circumstances from which you have no control? NO WORRIES!  That’s right…NO WORRIES! If you have been loyal to these daily sessions in thought you will also have been saying the Ho’oponopono at the end of each day’s message. The Ho’oponopono comes from Hawaii, taught to Dr. Hew Len (Phd) by Morrnah Simeona, a  brilliant Hawaiian Shaman.

This teaching was created to help bring peace and understanding to the islands.  The four statements can be the most powerful words you will ever speak. I have used the Ho’oponopono for over 9 years and finally understand the magnificent beauty and power of these healing words.

Use these words as your mantra to help you “clear” and “clean” your way through your feelings today.  The whole concept of the Ho’oponopono is to accept responsibility for your response to the world.  You cannot stop another from doing or being who they are but you can create within yourself a deeper understanding of your response system and accept personal responsibility for your perception of day’s events.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry will help you clear away, with right action, any old, limited, dark thoughts which may continue to play your negative songs.  Remember, the Earth Mother is singing to you. As you clear away the blame, shame and guilt your sense of loss of power will begin to fall away and you will instead begin to sense love and forgiveness, hope and resurrection from your old unwanted pain-filled stories.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#6 Thoughts Are Things

This is the sixth day of cutting away old ideas, thoughts and habits of consciousness. Remember: Thoughts are Things! Every thought we have finds its place within us.  When we have continued and repeated thoughts we build “mind bridges”. The lighter the thoughts, the happier we are. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be consumed by thoughts and feelings of love, joy, peace and laughter, etc? We are most often consumed, however, by the opposite: judgment, hatred, anxiety, jealousy, resistance, stubbornness and…I can’t and I won’t statements. OUCH! That door slams on us all the time.

Remember, we are all creators of our world.  Which world do you wish to be responsible for? Today we consciously build  “mind bridges” of  unconditional love, acceptance, joy, “I can” statements, forgiveness, understanding and grace.  The list can go on and on. We opened our hearts yesterday by listening and now we can go further into the beauty of our souls by affirming what is right and good. Today we are building positive “mind bridges” to our soul and unlocking our true beauty.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#5 Opening of the Heart

It’s true: I am beginning to experience the inner dying/release of old ideas, concepts, and promises from the past. Death of old consciousness is not always easy.  It takes a lot of determination and desire to change who we are and how we’ve been shaped in this world. Today, as parts of me continue to be released, I am also aware of an opening in my heart.  I feel songs deeply.  I sense the constant humming of Mother Earth as she sings to us…reminding us to BE LOVE…Be KINDNESS…BE UNAFRAID…BE FREE.  Ahhhh…I love when I hear her beautiful voice singing to all who allow themselves to hear her Earth Song.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

# 4 Listening for a New Life

Today I am making a serious promise to myself: to rest in silence so that I may listen to my world. As I listen I am aware of sounds and sights which I had never taken time to experience before. I find myself falling in love with the smallest things and I am realizing that there is something beautiful stirring within my spirit.  Gratitude begins to fill my heart.  There is a definite sense of inner peace calling gently for me to experience this new place within my Being. It is the call of New Life.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


#3 Old Thoughts and Ideas

I am already beginning to feel old thoughts and ideas about myself and my world loosening up from my walls of perception. At times I struggle with forgiveness but I am realizing that I only place limited thoughts on my world experiences because I have limited thoughts about myself.  I continue to separate from the thoughts which hold me back. I exercise my expression of love and forgiveness and find new hope and reassurance for my positively expanding Self.

I Love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!







#2 Becoming the Observer

Today I am understanding that thinking harshly of others breeds an inner contempt for myself. I choose instead to observe others, their thoughts and behaviors, before passing judgment. I choose to become the observer, realizing I  need only to be in a neutral understanding that we are all here to learn.  I forgive myself for trying to control others and instead observe the outer world with compassion.  I recognize that as I have compassion for others I must first learn to have compassion for myself.

I love you… Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


As we begin our healing journey during this Lenten Season, our resolve cannot begin until we are willing to let go of all thoughts, ideas, and conditions which have promoted imbalance and dis-ease in our inner world. Each daily message presented is a reminder of who we are and what we came here to do and to be.  It is up to the individual as to how far, how deep and how complete the transformation will be.  Together we are on this journey to MAKE LOVE out of FEAR…to transcend limited thought and to eliminate the Book of Victim. At the end of these Lenten sessions we can look forward to a much deeper sense of the Self as a positive and profound awakening moves us out of the old and allows us to bring in new understanding.  We set the stage for becoming the Victor…the Light Being…the Lover of Life.

The beginning…#1

There can be no re-birth if death does not precede it. Today I willingly listen to my words and thoughts and cultivate a new language paradigm. I eagerly release and remove all negative thoughts from my thinking and replace them with this affirmation: I have unlimited amounts of kindness and forgiveness for myself.  I walk through my day invigorated by the knowledge that I am NOT my negative, dis-pleasing thoughts. I am now building the Power of  the Kindness Bridge to help me with this transition in thought.

Ho’oponopono…The use of this Hawaiian Mantra will help to move the old thoughts out and allow the new thinking to emerge.

I love you

Please forgive me

I am sorry

Thank you

Of course, this will all take some practice to help erase the old habits of thoughts/thinking.  But once we begin we set the stage for our surrender to the light and the deep desire to erase the negative.  At all times we must forgive ourselves when we might fall short of this promise to ourselves.  Like anything that is really important to us, it can, at times, be difficult but our desire to be freer and clearer drives our hearts to make it so.




May the Great Spirit, the Scared One, help us to be strong, willing and honest with ourselves as we, together, build our new world of Light.

And so it is!





Living An Inspired Life

Like with anything else in life…starting something new is more about doing than pondering.  If we ponder too long we over think the whole idea and make it something very different than was originally intended.  If we do too little pondering we might skip a few steps and bring about unnecessary errors. The challenge is in the balance of being the ponderer and being the action of inspiration. I like that word…ponder.  We use many words trying to describe thought and insight, inspiration and creativeness.  However, so many words to describe an activity of doing loses the whole idea of our being here on this planet in the first place. We argue about how much we are supposed to accomplish, how much we are supposed to own, how much money we are to make, how many titles to accrue. So much pressure!!!! Continue reading Living An Inspired Life