#13 To the Eywa Tree

Enough wandering!  We are now ready to root ourselves into the beauty and the wisdom of the Eywa Tree.  I love visualizations and I am a big fan of the movie Avatar, not for the military story but for the Indigenous story. The Eywa Tree represents the Divine Mother, the Tree of Souls, with all her glorious stories and memories stored into this beautiful divine energy.  This is where the Avatars went to pray, to remember, to celebrate, and to heal.  This is our personal journey for today.  We are going to the Eywa Tree.  We are traveling within our minds to that place where our Sacred Self resides.  We connect to the Eywa Tree to re-discover and connect with the Divine Mother and all that she gives for us in this life.

Trees are representational of the Divine.  They give us so much: the air we breathe, as well as so many foods that we eat. They cover our wonderful earth with the strength of  many years of recording this world’s energy.  The beautiful Red Wood Sequoias in Northern California draw many visitors every year helping those who participate in their beauty to come away refreshed and renewed. We are going to take that one step further because we are going to visualize ourselves becoming this beautiful Tree of Souls, rooting into our deepest spiritual selves, anchoring all the powerful memories of who we truly ARE. So, sit quietly and take a few deep breathes as we allow the Sacredness of the Eywa Tree to be ours. We feel the energy of the tree drawing us in, surrounding us with the Light and Love and Peace that this Eywa Tree possesses. We hear her songs as she sings her memories to us, embracing us. We feel her Peace as she welcomes us.  We feel her support, her knowing, spiritual guidance…perhaps even our own resurrection as we journey into the deepest parts of her loving energy.  We are completely enveloped in her spiritual arms.  The connectedness is beyond any recent memory and we fall into this Spiritual spell with great willingness. We are HOME.  We are ONE.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#12 Love is All There Is

Love is all there is. This is a wonderful statement and a powerful mantra but if we have forgotten who we are, where we come from and what our purpose is for being here…the statement: Love Is All There is, is not an easy knowing. It may seem a distant memory, experiences which seem long ago, age and too many negative happenings moving us away from our inner Truth: We Are Love. Today we are in the practice of REMEMBERING.  We take this day to rest…from forgetfulness, from sadness, from disappointment, from the seeming lack of love. And we move, instead, to a place of the Sacred I AM.  We turn a blind eye to what appears and go directly to the Source of our Creation. We open the doors of the spiritual heart…where the presence of GOD IS and where we can move to in our thinking, our actions and the process of BEING connected to LOVE. In the words of George Harrison, the spiritual Beatle (that was his label in the early years)…we do not love…WE ARE LOVE. Today we are remembering, connecting and activating the truth…We Are Love…Repeat after me: I am love…I am love…I am Love…thank you God…I am Love.

I love you…Please Forgive Me…I am Sorry…Thank You!

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