Living With Loss

On April 25, 2011, my precious daughter, Kylleen, left this earth world. She came here on February 15, 1980, with promises of new life and a new order of consciousness.  She came here, as many Windows did, to bridge the world of darkness to the world of Light. And like so many Windows, she lost her battle to stay in order to help our world, and instead, decided she could do her best work from the other side of the human world. And…indeed she has.

There can never be enough written to explain what the loss of child is to a parent. The one single thread that draws us (parents) together is the personal knowing and pain that a child’s death brings. It cannot truly be explained for it is an organic experience…with words paling in comparison to the journey. However, today I will honor my beautiful daughter with her journey now…in those other worlds…those other realms which seek to support our life here.

Every parent has to make sense of losing their child, whether or not that is truly possible. For me and my belief system, the continuation of life after death is guaranteed. I am in the business of spirit communication…although it is much more of a life calling. I have helped many to discover the meaning and consciousness of their loved ones after they have passed from this world to the next. I have held the energy of love and reconciliation for those left behind. It is truly a gift which I am grateful to have, for no one should feel left behind, questions unanswered. I never thought that I, too, would have the first hand opportunity of experiencing the loss of a child and therefore would have a deeper sense of what that means to a parent(s). It seems our children give us many gifts and learning experiences and death seems to be one of them.

In the next series of posts I will be sharing what it means to be a Window Child. It is time and I have promised Kylleen that I will step into this next part of her story in a public way. And so, today, in honor of Kylleen’s life here and in the next world, I am stepping into the story of intrigue and psychic warfare, magic and all things spiritual. My daughter has given her life for this special work. So it is time to make sure that all of those beautiful spirits who have come here to claim this world back from the darker forces, are honored, recognized and supported. The time has come. I love you, Kylleen. Happy Four Year anniversary into the world of Love and Light!

Please check out my song: Process of the Heart…this song honor our mother/daughter relationship and her new life in the world of Light.

# 45 The Day of Completion

It is done. It is finished. In the practice of numerology the number 45 becomes a nine.  This is a completion number…a full circle number. We have completed a powerful time within us. We can relax now and be at peace. We have done great things for ourselves. We are champions, warriors, lovers, healers and wisdom beings. We are light and love, unlimited in consciousness, willing to be and go anywhere our I Am Source directs and guides us. We take this day to honor and celebrate all that we have done, all that we will continue to do and all that we are becoming!

We are at peace knowing how much we are love, loved and loving. We continue to reflect in the amazing power  and authority of spiritual awakening. We have lost self-pity, victimization, doubt and un-forgiveness and have replaced these thought structures  with Self-direction, Sacred connection, Forgiveness, Grace and Unconditional Love. We continue to serve the Christ, Buddha, Divine Consciousness and Creation which lives within us all. We honor and respect ourselves and others for our choices, growth and wisdom gained by walking with  courage through the darkest parts of our being.

This is the day we are making and we Rejoice In It!

Thank you, each and everyone, for taking this Sacred journey with me. It has been a pleasure and an honor. Your comments have inspired me as well and I look forward to a continued life of communication. Remember that all these posts are archived on my website:

In the meantime…remember…You Are So Loved!


#44 In The Stillness

In the stillness of this day, between Good Friday and Easter, I celebrate my being. I gently move into the depth of my soul and revel in the glory of my creation. As I sit in the quietness of this day I reaffirm all that is Holy…All that is God. I hold this consciousness for others and remain true to my spiritual roots. I remember my truth: that of God lives within me. That of God lives within us all. Love is unconditional and forgiving. I am that love. I am that forgiving. I open mine eyes unto the hills and feel the promise of my own salvation facing me.  It is because I am the I AM. I am eternal, infinite and ever-evolving.

These are my truths and I rejoice in them. I carry them within me at all times…in my heart and in the very soul of me. The illusions are gone and new life begins. All is good. All is God and I am rejoicing.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!



#43 Today Is…

On this Good Friday let’s take a moment to count our many blessings.  We have walked this Lenten Series together and have begun to walk in a New Light and Life. We have registered with our new thoughts and way of being. We have been in the process of elimination. We have cleared all the old thoughts, structures and conditions which keep us away from our Truth.

So, for today, we make these statements as we finish the last few days of this Lenten season:

Today is a new day.

Today is powerful.

Today is mine.

I am freer within myself than I have ever been.

Today is worthy of every lived and love directed moment.

Today I hold all peoples in the Circle of Love.

Today I forgive.

Today I trust.

Today I give thanks.

Today I AM.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

# 42 Removing the Doubt

Sometimes, no matter what we know or how we have experienced life, there is DOUBT. Of course we acknowledge that doubt is connected to fear. The biggest healing element in redirecting doubt is through the energy wisdom of trust. Trust is so often removed from our consciousness through abuse: physically, mentally, sexually and in the betrayal of those crimes of consciousness.

We often choose families, friends and circumstances which might be in our lives to teach us how to move from doubt and fear to love and forgiveness. Often, however, the disconnect is much greater than anticipated and working to dissolve the negative energies of doubt and fear prove much stronger than our ability to love and forgive…to trust.

Removing doubt happens in stages and almost always has to do with our connection to the Divine. When the connection to the Divine is damaged, when the fears of our lives seem greater than our connection to our God Source we fear our own ability to create, to step out of our limited view and take (perceived) risks. We would rather know every detail of the the next experience before stepping into an unknown area of experience or set of circumstances. Doubt overrides trust and we continue to be encircled with the snare of fear rather than the circle of love.

Ego…an Extremely Gigantic Organization…puts the mind/ego into fear and doubt and wants to control every experience…just in case there might be an unforeseen error. Unfortunately, enjoying the flow of love and success in our lives does not work that way. In order to work through our doubt about opportunities, people and situations, we must first step into the Sacred Source. This space guarantees our connection to the Divine and in the Divine there is complete trust and inspiration.  There is clarity and progression.  We are open and able to receive creative flow without any doubt, hidden or perceived.

Today we walk in Trust as we know and recognize that Trust comes from our Divine connection to the God Source. We lose the doubt that at times has crippled us and choose instead to “progress with freedom” as we are illumined and inspired, trusting our connection with the Divine.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


#41 All In Due Time

My dear friends…all in due time. There are many times in our lives when we are hopeful, perhaps anxious about new situations, circumstances, happenings on their way for us.  However, many is the time when the wait seems endless and the patience of the personality is next to nothing. We feel like a child asking: “Are we there yet?”

It is especially difficult when we are asking for a healing for ourselves or perhaps a friend or family member. Our prayers can start out pleasant and positive but as time goes on and we do not see the result we want or have a situation turn out the way we think it should,  we become disillusioned and lose the faith necessary to see the situation or condition through to the end.

Prayer is an endless expression of the Divine.  It has no beginning and no end.  It is consciousness.  It is Truth. Prayer moves energy so that it will match the desired energy configuration  for a successful outcome. When we pray without ceasing…when we pronounce the Truth of Wholeness in every situation, we start a cycle of completion.  Sometimes the cycle is short and sometimes the cycle is longer than we would like it to be. And sometimes the desired result does not match our expectation.

However, as we truly release with the power of knowing, that which needs to happen… will. We define the results with Sacred Healing and not our limited version of what we think must be.

In due time…but it is Sacred Time…not human time.  It is divinely ordered… not humanly placed with our fears and left over baggage shaping our prayers. We clear with the Ho’oponopono bringing the quiet space directly to our center and in that center our prayers are clear and balanced and holy. We let go of worry and concern and embrace the higher sacred power in all living things. We trust the unseen and relinquish any control we think we might have as we allow the energy of Love’s mastery to do its powerful work.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!