Memorial Weekend May 2015

As I begin this writing I am sitting in the big room of my friend’s home in Western Nebraska.  We call it the big room because I could easily fit my home inside of it! It was built to offer a lending hand to those who shared the gift of art and has many memories stored inside these wood shaped walls and glass. This majestic home sits on many acres of land, 4000 or so feet in elevation, with rugged picturesque buttes as its back drop. It is simply stunning, holding so many landscapes depending on the weather.  Right now it is cloudy with a Scottish type of mist floating effortlessly between ridges and rises, making its way in and out, up and down like the tide of a Pacific ocean beach.

The waves are not tide driven here.  They are simply a result of the air and wind moving discreetly between land markings, trees and the rolling hillsides that make this area so unique. Very landlocked for this ocean accustomed girl but the vast expanse of this territory makes up for the lack of  ocean accessibility, which is 1500 miles away. It is peaceful here:  no cars, sirens, motorcycles.  Not even a plane overhead unless it is the one of two that are scheduled daily for the town of Chadron nearby. In its desired isolation there is real life. Mother Earth can be touched and heard.  She sings her songs frequently, as the storms pass through, as the wind howls its tune and as the night sky lights up like a Christmas tree. It is a remarkable event…sitting here and describing what it is like for me to be welcomed into this home and onto this land.

What we are doing here is hard to speak of…it is quiet work, constant work, necessary work and it requires of us a discreet nature, for it is not for the glory or the noise of an outside world. We are here to re-establish balance, to connect worlds of Light which have been pushed aside by contamination.  We are here to sing our Mother’s Earth song and to blend the world of Love and Light back into the culture and rhythm of Life. We are here to reconnect the balance into the Sacredness of the Circle…the Circle of Life, which holds all that we are and are seeking to become. It is about clearing the darkness from the world stories…to help eliminate the need for wars and destruction, wining and assimilating cultures because they are different.

On this Memorial Weekend let us think of a bigger story, a larger view. Let us take a moment to review our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, others and our Mother, our Earth. We have a lot of pomp and circumstance around the military and how they served our country and protected our freedoms. That being true, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to honor veterans? Wouldn’t it be healing to know that we no longer had to defend, uproot or otherwise destroy another’s world, our own sons and daughters lives, or anyone in between the violence of these crisis activities. I would like to visualize a world where no one is expendable…where no one is judged because of race, size, marriage preference or religion.  Can we visualize a world of understanding and exploration, where money is no longer the political god that it has come to be?

Can we drop our prejudices long enough to include others we might be challenged by? Can we spend 5 minutes reading love stories to ourselves, writing words of encouragement, sending the vibrations of absolute love and forgiveness instead of disgust and disagreement?

This land, this world, is here for us…ALL OF US…and it is to be respected, nurtured and honored.  We are not to fight over our Mother.  We are here to be in Grace with her and all that she offers. We are here to learn how to love, how to forgive and redirect.  We are here to rise above the energy of darkness and deceit. We are here to remember…that…

We are ONE…all knowing…all connected

Striving to be continuous in our love for one another and all peoples.

Our Light, together, shines so brightly that there is nothing we cannot see, understand or hold in consciousness for others.

This is our uniting prayer for this weekend.  This is our Mantra for our world, always.

With great love and gratitude…