Butterfly Woman doll made by Tracy Swartz

About Jeanne

Raised as a Quaker, educated at the University of the Pacific and Whittier College, Jeanne Love speaks and lives her training of peaceful co-existence. Feeling the presence of spirit as a very young child, Jeanne has spent her life seeking to know GOD; to understand this earth world, as well as to help herself and others manifest the flow of spiritual balance and expression of God’s Love and Grace.

Jeanne has been studied by scientists in Palo Alto, CA, working on the phenomenon of channeling and subsequently written about in Jon Klimo’s book: Channeling.  She has participated in Native American ceremonies, written about the passages of those who have left this earth world, written songs to promote healing and awakening, held numerous workshops, private sessions and lectures to promote the awakening of consciousness to its higher purpose and potential. She is international in scope as she has worked in Europe, Japan and Canada.

Through her many and varied experiences Jeanne has remained true to her Quaker roots: that of God is within us all.  Ms. Love is now moving forward with her latest offerings for spiritual mastery, through the use of various spiritual tools such as EFT and the Ho’oponopono. More importantly she has developed a specific set of tools to transform the energy systems of body, mind and soul…releasing past trauma, suffering and deep seeded concerns which seem to plague so many of us in this challenging world.

In Jeanne’s own words: “There is nothing too big or small which cannot be overcome by the gentle willingness of one’s spirit to seek understanding, guidance and a pure heart.  It is all about the greatest power we have to claim our healing and in doing so eliminate the power of judgment, turning instead to the power of unconditional Love and Forgiveness. To live an inspired life one must release all that no longer serves our highest good…forgiving and releasing all the past which has captured us, keeping us prisoners of our own making.  Through the Power of Love all things are possible.”