Earth Song


by Jeanne Love
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Rain.   Thunder

Magnificent Lightening.
Clearing.   Cleansing.
Healing a once darkened
Circle of Light

Military.  Native.   Pioneer.
collectives of Light and Love
Strolling the Heavens above us
Washing Us Clean.

Erasing.    Erasing.   Erasing.

Memories.   Incidents.    Events.
Sorrow.   Grief.
Harsh realities of mis-adventures
darkened this world once;
Now it is being Reclaimed,
Restructured, Blessed and Rebuilt.

Darkening Skies
only a Temporary color
to wash away
Guilt, Shame and Pain
of a visible past.

Tides turning, colors returning.
of massacres eliminating
from the Energy blueprint
of this Golden Land.

Peace.   Peace-filled.    Peace Pipe.
Smoke Streams
the invisible ceremonies
of spirit dances
a new TRUTH
a new WORLD.

The Ancient Ones
their Birth song,
within the clouds of Earth
in our Self-Discovery of Light
we understand
what it truly means
“To Be Saved.”

Mother Ship
holds a steady course.
The spotters
release from her,
to earth,
making their way into the ground
like young seedlings’
first glimpse of morning sun.

The urgency Rests now.

We have come
and Returned her land
to those who have created
this Garden.

Those psychic Earth Gardeners
who have traveled
across cosmic skies
to check on
and tend
to their young.

are not young;
but old, Knowing,
returning to help the process,
make It so.

How Did We Do?

What have we


Only the Knowledge
the blueprint for life.

And That
Love Is Truly ALL There Is.


Thanksgiving 2015

I have been hearing this song in my head for several days now and I find it an important message and reminder of our lives here on Blessed Mother Earth.

The history of this song goes way back, as do many versions, but this is the one I choose to share. It comes from the Unity Church Hymnal: Wings of Song, based on a folk song from the Netherlands and arranged by Edward Kremser.

WE gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing, in silence and service His will is now done. His word ever stressing, His wonder expressing, Sing praises to the Father, We know we are ONE.

Within us abiding, our GOD, ever guiding, ordain and maintain Your true kingdom divine. As from the beginning, the prize we are winning; O Light, reveal the way, O Love in us shine.

We come to sing praises with glad alleluias, And know that in giving our blessing shall be. Let this congregation proclaim the new creation; in Spirit, we are ONE, in Christ we are free.


***I know that the Christ represents all the levels of Divine love of which we are capable of manifesting.  I know that God as HE/ Father is also interchangeable with Mother/ Her. In GOD there is no separation between male and female because we are all ONE.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may the blessings of gratitude fill your everyday world.  May these many blessings spill over to those with whom you have contact and may your heart find the peace and joy which is meant for us all.

May this Thanksgiving season bring us the truth of freedom…that it comes from within…is easily demonstrated and changes everything. We gather to remember this.  We gather to BE this and we sing to share this. No walls…no lines…no fences…just loving, beautiful, amazing creations of Light waiting to be activated.