A Little Goes A Long Way

When it comes to initiative a little really does go a long way. We don’t have to feel as if our life story has to be completely written in one sitting at the computer. There is no need to have a full outline of every achievement or desired achievement completed before we begin to document the road(s) taken to get THERE. However, we might need a bit of honesty and a bigger amount of desire. We must remind ourselves, or surround ourselves with reminders, of why we must be involved with this project of choice. It may be a work project or a personal project. Whatever it is and whatever the need is to make it so…we only need a bit of initiative…just enough to get started, to get the fire lit from under us, to rev up those creative or not so creative juices. It IS enough to start, to feel the power of that simple decision to take some time to begin.

Today I am beginning with just a bit of initiative. I don’t want to be overwhelmed. LOL. Like that is going to happen. I just want to be true to myself and get back into the saddle of my own creativity. I am not desirous of writing the Great American Novel. Nor do I have any delusions about changing the world through my stories. However, I do have this great need to get my life down on paper, or electronics, if you will, before I am no longer capable of doing so. Life changes have a way of bringing what has not been completed to the forefront. And I am that point in my life when I need to take things seriously enough to follow through on the many promises I have made to myself over the years.

I have given myself many excuses and those excuses just don’t cut it. They are reflective of my own resistance and my fear…fear about random stuff, and perhaps a bit of not so random stuff. But it doesn’t matter, not when there are physical conditions at play that dictate a new and deeper approach to what there is left to conquer. And, so, I am bringing up a little bit of initiative today to get things started, to roll out the red carpet of beginnings and force myself through my own lack of inspiration. It is quite silly though because I am quite inspired daily by many things but it isn’t often enough to get me to the point of sitting down and telling the story of my inspiration. Well, my being inspired is now being guided by a little bit of initiative. It is amazing how much and how quickly I can write things down.

It is important to follow my lead as it has been incredibly easy for me to encourage others to meet their challenges head on. However, the self of Jeanne has resisted the Self of Jeanne when it comes to the open expression of life’s journey. Oh, the stories I could tell, and probably will. However, I am forever mindful of others who were part of my story: my children etc, and I want to be considerate of their stories. However, I know that I can artfully walk through it all, being careful to keep others, who shall not be named, from being exposed. Any exposure of consequence will be approved of by those included in the telling of the stories.

This has to be said, to set the stage, because many of the experiences which will be shared, brought my profile to certain public agencies over the years and there was a level of trauma for me that I am still clearing to this day.

There really is no beginning or ending at this time. There simply are the activities of consciousness, the exploration of light and dark, the desire to experience the life choices made before incarnating, and the goals set by an active contract which has had to be modified many times in this lifetime. Interestingly though, there have been many a detour, even with the modifications of my contract. It has been a wild ride…a wild, wild ride.

I know that some of you reading this might feel that our choices predispose us to complaining about certain outcomes in our lives. “Remember you chose this.” Yadayadayada….However, choices are not always met with clarity or civility, proper follow through, or desired outcomes. This is a free choice world and that means everyone included in our contract must respond appropriately to our chosen structure and that often, simply doesn’t happen.

At the risk of contradicting myself, I am also going to add that there is often very little “free choice” as this is a heavily burdened karmic world and the phrase “freedom to choose” gets whittled down to a few things like what to eat for dinner and what pajamas you will put on. Many of our choices are much more influenced by the past, our DNA and those karmic ties which we seek to break, heal and remove altogether.

A little goes a long way! See Jeanne, that wasn’t so very hard to do! I wonder what I will be sharing tomorrow?

Hmmm, the Burden of the Collective…until next time.