#40 How Long Will We Wander?

Yesterday we spoke of our AWESOMENESS and how we are not tethered to original sin. Today we are going a bit further and asking: How long will we wander?

In order to really embrace our spirituality we must face our darkness.  We drive ourselves into a personal abyss when we refuse to look at how we are processing our world. Our courage to be MORE brings us to our own precipice of consciousness as we allow ourselves to face that within which does not carry the light. This journey can often be painful…only because there is so much resistance to letting go of all the false stories and accusations. We hold our stories so very dear.  We have spent much time on and with them.  We have added chapters.  We have encouraged our own suffering because we feel we are Right!

We know better now.  We are beginning to truly understand that we are the authors of our life’s story and we no long need to suffer in resentment, self-righteousness and victimization. We no longer need to wander and then wonder when the sorrow of old will be replaced with the joy of today.

This quote from Carl Jung states the truth of enlightenment so well: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

How long will we wander, avoid, deny our own brilliance? How long will it take us to understand there is no sin except from our own refusal to be this incredible BEING. To bring the Light to our darkness, Forgiveness to our victim and Love to the anger, resentment and fear.

I believe in you…all of you! And I know that you are finished being the Wandering Soul.  You are now ready to go home…and become your original expression of the Divine.

Please check out John Denver’s: The Wandering Soul on Youtube. He never recorded it but performed it several times.  It is a beautifully written song about our struggle to understand how to “get there”…to be LOVE.

What an enlightened soul… I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#39 Making It All Better

If I could say one thing to any of you who have been reading this series it would be this: YOU ARE AWESOME!

Today we are throwing out any and all old patterns, stories, ideas, critical voice experiences which tell you anything LESS!

The worst thing any religion could place on us is the blemish of original sin and that we are doomed before we come into this world. What? Really? Yes, there is a karmic path and we do choose conditions and people, situations etc for our earth contract. But the only doom and gloom about our lives is how we perceive ourselves in this earth existence.  There are many contributing factors to this but original sin is not one of them…ever.

We come in with lessons to learn, conditions to experience, gifts to bring.  Some choose a much more difficult contract than others.  However, it must be realized that the only salvation we can experience is through our own connection with the Divine.  When we have been separated  from our own divinity we experience all sorts of dark and challenging stuff.

Today we not only choose to remember this but we choose to ACT on it.  We choose our sacred connection to the Divine.  We realize that we are only separated by our fear, by the lack which has been perpetuated in group/collective consciousness. We choose to walk away from that which is not Holy and walk into our Sacred connection which has always been our right, our journey in this world.  Today our “mark” is that of LOVE. We destroy the old controlling stories which seek to perpetuate our slavery to the energy of separation and Dis-ease. Today we are AWESOME! Now…doesn’t that make everything All Better?!

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!




#38 Turning Water Into Wine

On this Palm Sunday I choose to use this metaphor in several ways. I can’t resist, however, saying that in California we would be better off turning wine into water these days! It is all about perspective and need.

We are Alchemists…each and every one of us, and we have been turning things into other things all of our lives.  We have been turning disappointment into understanding…chaos into wisdom…hatred and anger into love…resistance into acceptance…betrayal into support…lack into abundance. We can also say that we have done this alchemist thing in reverse by turning love into hate, success into failure, peace into anger, understanding into chaos etc.

What kind of alchemist are you? It might be a difficult perspective to take but it is highly important for each one of us to understand who we are and how we create and that nothing is stationary unless we choose it to be so. Today we allow the awareness to watch and listen to ourselves and how we work our personal alchemy.  How do we turn the bad into good, the sad into happy, the unfathomable into grace? How do we respond when news is difficult for us about a condition or a situation?  How do we work the response within ourselves making the choices that so often seem impossible to implement?

We speak to  the power of positive change…the perspective of choice and the understanding that as we think we create, as we believe so we manifest. We do not choose to be in denial. Rather we choose to go within, quiet the fears and center in the Divine.  We choose the Alchemist within us to help us direct our personal responses and ideas. We choose to be self-directed in our awareness of positive flow and spiritual support. We have the power within to choose our conditions and thoughts.  We have the alchemist within to help us gather the negative energies and throw them into the wind, allowing ourselves the freedom to be different, to be whole, confident, and supported.

Whether we realize it or not we are constantly turning water into wine…or wine into water.  It is about perspective and the knowledge that we are the Alchemist, connected to the Divine, working our way into the Sacred I AM Place of Creation.


I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

# 37 Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This is the time of the year where my family and I walk lightly.  It all has to do with the loss of our beloved Kylleen.  It was an 11 week journey from this world to the next as she passed to the other side the day after Easter.  At some point in the grieving process I had to make up my mind how I saw myself living my life without her. I had to give up my death story and begin to create a new life story.  So much of what I do is dedicated to her and who she is now on the other side.  She is my angel, my confidant and my peer in this spiritual work.

We all have lost someone we have loved.  We all have grieved the loss of this special person in our lives.  Death is part of life… often the hardest part of life. I bring this subject to the post today because there are many who come to me hoping to know that their loved one is ok after passing. Prayers for those who have passed are very important but so is listening.  So often they are right besides us…the only difference is the body being gone. They are hungry to let you know that they have arrived, that they have friends and relatives with them, special beings and angels to help guide their new journey. Their heaven is being free of the earth’s illusions and the confinement of the body. They have gone home and want to share with you what “home” is like.  They stand beside you to help with your grief and to remind you that we are all more than our bodies.

As we are getting closer to our completion of this series we owe it to ourselves to look to the rainbow.  It represents so much in our culture…resurrection, prosperity, hope and revival of the spirit. So many of our friends and relatives stand in that rainbow of energy hoping that you will join them…not in death, but in life, in memory, in honor, connection from one world to the next. Their spirits offer a peace and a consciousness which says…we are right here…we are eternal…we celebrate with you.

We are not alone…ever…it is the promise of the Divine to realize our destiny is everlasting life from life to life, world to world with our spirit guardians watching and preparing us as we move forward in our daily lives. Today we listen to those who stand beside us, perhaps unseen but truly felt.  We connect with the continuation of life somewhere over the rainbow.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


# 36 For All That is Holy

Headlines, Horror and Havoc seem to be the majority of what we are “fed” these days by our news agencies.  The strength of character we are building during this holy season can certainly be put to the test. There is a fine line between being informed and educated about conditions and circumstances in the world and being saturated with darkness in order to influence our thinking, eating away at any sense of divine order and right action.

It seems that the more Light that finds its way into our hearts and minds the more the darkness fights for its “right” to dominate this world. It is a good thing…this battle…because it is expressing its ability to bring forth a new world order of Holiness. This is decision time for all of us and no matter how rooted we are in our thinking there is always another level of the Divine waiting to be experienced.

It can be an awesome experience or it can devastate.  It is all up to us.  This Lenten season is all about seeking the renewal of consciousness, the rebirth of love and grace.  It is the time to walk, talk and become the Holy Ones…not holier than though…but truly Holy. Even with imperfections and disagreements within ourselves we can still attach to the energy of the Holy Mind.  We can still transcend, even if for only a few moments a day, into the Sacred Space of the Divine. We can build our reverence for Life.  We can establish our very own strength and wisdom which can then transcend the irrational, the dark, the biting stings of prejudice.

We are balance.  We are beautiful.  We are Love.  We are Holy.

As a child singing in Sunday services, one of my favorite Hymns was: Holy, Holy, Holy. The third verse, although connected to the concept of a personalized being sitting in the heavens…still has a powerful message as we understand it today:

Holy, Holy, Holy, though the darkness hide thee, though the eye of sinful man thy glory may not see.  Only thought art Holy, there is none beside thee, perfect in power, in love and purity.

These lyrics speak of the Divine..the source of Love in the Sacred I am . The Sacred I am is Holy.  There is nothing more powerful or pure or Holy.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#36 Appreciation

Oh…this is a big topic and closely related to gratitude. And I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts on the subject.

To appreciate we must first recognize that something good, important, interesting or just plain nice is available for us in a way that might not have been seen before in our daily lives. As we take a daily review of our activities appreciation might suddenly take place. We might realize that without  a certain circumstance being present in our lives another really important circumstance might not have shown up.

We learn how to appreciate the activities in our lives.  We learn to appreciate the circumstances in our lives.  We learn to appreciate the people in our lives and most importantly we learn to appreciate ourselves.

How do we appreciate ourselves? Let us count the ways! First of all I appreciate YOU for being interested enough to read these posts! I appreciate the fact that I have a really nice laptop in order to do this posting.  I appreciate that I have some quiet time in the morning in which to gather my thoughts and put them onto my website and FaceBook.  I appreciate that I have any thoughts at all!!

I appreciate the fact that even though it is supposed to be 95 degrees today in SOCAL I have air conditioning in my home and the dollars to pay for it. The list can go on and on…people, my family, the things I have learned etc. But most importantly I appreciate the fact that I didn’t give up on life, on myself, on my children or any other conditions which  might have seemed difficult to balance. Everything taught me something.

Perhaps, as we head toward the Christian Holy Week, it is a good time to make a list, either mentally or on paper, of all that we appreciate in our lives. Little things, big things, in between things.  They all lead us to a form of inner peace when we take the time to count what is good. This helps us to focus on what is right, what we do have, rather than what we feel we are missing, what left us behind or passed us up.

It seems such an easy task but once we begin the list will grow and so will the focus from what is NOT to what IS. It helps us to stay on the positive side when things get rough and it reminds us of how much we have when we feel loss, overwhelmed and indifferent to our lives.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#35 Letting Go

In my life I have had many opportunities for letting go. There has been divorce, mental illness, loss of a job, loss of a child, suicide attempts, abuse…unfortunately the list has a few more entries. These situations didn’t all happen to me but they were around me and therefor had a great affect on my health, both mentally and physically.  I learned through all of this that not everything in my life was controllable and the more I learned to let go the healthier I could keep myself.  Believe me: It was not easy.

The idea of letting go is not used as a catch phrase for everything difficult.  It is a necessary element in our moving from survivor to thriver. In our needs and wants in life we have a tendency to see things our way, with our perspective and prejudices.  We don’t always see things truthfully, especially when we want to preserve a way of life or an ideal that we have about ourselves or someone else. The resistance to truth often causes great strife and a potential for disaster. We hold onto something or someone because we are truly afraid for ourselves. We set up patterns and continually live by those patterns of thought and desire and experience. When it is time to let go we freeze and perpetuate the old stories trying to stay hooked into what we want or what we have great fear about loosing. So often what we try to hold onto is already gone and out of our reach.

In order for us to truly let go of someone or something, an ideal or a wish which holds nothing for our highest good, we must be honest.  We must give ourselves permission to evaluate the circumstance and any agenda we might be perpetuating which is no longer valid, necessary or healthy. Being truly honest with ourselves is tricky but it is the lighted side of awakening.

My dear friends, let us walk together today as we provide ourselves with the opportunity to self-examine all that is no longer necessary in our living. Let us have the honesty in the moment to place THAT WHICH NO LONGER IS TRUE into the light.  Honoring, as we release, whatever the person or circumstance or idea which has held us back from our inner peace and balance. Let us practice and realize the art of Letting Go.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#34 Incorporation

Today is my day to allow the incorporation of all that we have been sharing in these posts to come together in harmony, weaving the understanding of these posts so that they may work their way easily, quickly and safely into my consciousness. I am relaxed and set my environment for such an experience of incorporation.

I may decide to set aside a specific time today for this incorporation or I may choose to have this level of incorporation living within all that I do and say today.  I allow myself to become elevated to another level of consciousness as I practice the art of incorporation.

I may decide to take a meditative walk or sit in a quiet area with a candle lit and quiet meditative music playing. I may also review all the past posts on the jeannelove.org website. Or, I might just possibly know that all is written within my subconscious mind and I need only to call it up to experience the positive energy thoughts once again.

However I choose to call this wisdom to me I now give myself permission to make myself a priority. There is no one more important in my life but ME.  I am…and if I am not centered I “miss the mark”…the success of my day. I cannot possibly bring to others what I haven’t first brought to myself.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


#33 It’s All About the Heart

When my daughter and son-in-law got married my gift to them was a song: All About the Heart. I knew I wouldn’t be writing it alone. I don’t feel that I ever write anything alone. There is always some blessing coming from spirit. There is always a spiritual presence which says: “let’s do this thing!”

For me it is just a part of who I am. It is how I live my life; how I operate, what I was born to do.  Both my mom and dad were writers so it follows that  I am too.

What is your skill, talent or gift? What have you come here to do or share with yourself or the world? Everyone has something to contribute to this world whether it is your warm smile, your simple acceptance of others or your inner song. Regardless of your talent or skill you are here to live from the Heart. Your inspiration for your life comes from the Heart and Soul of you. It is all about the Heart.

I will have the song: All About the Heart up on my website.  It’s important to understand that you are inspirational…that you can live from your heart and share the inspiration you feel with others. True, heart-felt inspiration has no fear or longing.  Inspiration comes from deep within the well-spring of creation.

We have been clearing those parts of us during this Lenten season that have been standing in our way and preventing us from reaching our inspirational level of creation.  I think it is time now for the results of all this hard work to take hold as we step onto the path of inspiration.

Today we develop a new level of Inspiration, knowing that we can and must live from the level of the Divine Heart.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!