Our Divine Mother

Because this life is only one of many, we can relax knowing that we are on a continuous ride of love and light. As we help our Mother today we appreciate her tenacious attitude, her willingness to persevere and the ability to laugh when we just don’t get it. The thoughts I have about helping her today include the willingness on our part to be included in her magic…the awesomeness of her beauty and the strength of her character. She has “allowed” us to be here for our own growth and delight. Do you think she would have allowed us to stay all this time if she didn’t feel there was hope, a chance to learn and to upgrade our consciousness? It seems she has more faith in us than perhaps we have in ourselves. And it gives new meaning to I AM…We Are. We are charged to become ONE with our DIVINE MOTHER…and as a result, the extension of her life in the Divinity of our Mother Earth.

I choose to sing a new song about my MOTHER…one that is filled with hope and enthusiasm. gratitude and awe. We are SO blessed. Thank you Mother Earth for not giving up on me…us…everyone.