A Little Goes A Long Way

When it comes to initiative a little really does go a long way. We don’t have to feel as if our life story has to be completely written in one sitting at the computer. There is no need to have a full outline of every achievement or desired achievement completed before we begin to document the road(s) taken to get THERE. However, we might need a bit of honesty and a bigger amount of desire. We must remind ourselves, or surround ourselves with reminders, of why we must be involved with this project of choice. It may be a work project or a personal project. Whatever it is and whatever the need is to make it so…we only need a bit of initiative…just enough to get started, to get the fire lit from under us, to rev up those creative or not so creative juices. It IS enough to start, to feel the power of that simple decision to take some time to begin.

Today I am beginning with just a bit of initiative. I don’t want to be overwhelmed. LOL. Like that is going to happen. I just want to be true to myself and get back into the saddle of my own creativity. I am not desirous of writing the Great American Novel. Nor do I have any delusions about changing the world through my stories. However, I do have this great need to get my life down on paper, or electronics, if you will, before I am no longer capable of doing so. Life changes have a way of bringing what has not been completed to the forefront. And I am that point in my life when I need to take things seriously enough to follow through on the many promises I have made to myself over the years.

I have given myself many excuses and those excuses just don’t cut it. They are reflective of my own resistance and my fear…fear about random stuff, and perhaps a bit of not so random stuff. But it doesn’t matter, not when there are physical conditions at play that dictate a new and deeper approach to what there is left to conquer. And, so, I am bringing up a little bit of initiative today to get things started, to roll out the red carpet of beginnings and force myself through my own lack of inspiration. It is quite silly though because I am quite inspired daily by many things but it isn’t often enough to get me to the point of sitting down and telling the story of my inspiration. Well, my being inspired is now being guided by a little bit of initiative. It is amazing how much and how quickly I can write things down.

It is important to follow my lead as it has been incredibly easy for me to encourage others to meet their challenges head on. However, the self of Jeanne has resisted the Self of Jeanne when it comes to the open expression of life’s journey. Oh, the stories I could tell, and probably will. However, I am forever mindful of others who were part of my story: my children etc, and I want to be considerate of their stories. However, I know that I can artfully walk through it all, being careful to keep others, who shall not be named, from being exposed. Any exposure of consequence will be approved of by those included in the telling of the stories.

This has to be said, to set the stage, because many of the experiences which will be shared, brought my profile to certain public agencies over the years and there was a level of trauma for me that I am still clearing to this day.

There really is no beginning or ending at this time. There simply are the activities of consciousness, the exploration of light and dark, the desire to experience the life choices made before incarnating, and the goals set by an active contract which has had to be modified many times in this lifetime. Interestingly though, there have been many a detour, even with the modifications of my contract. It has been a wild ride…a wild, wild ride.

I know that some of you reading this might feel that our choices predispose us to complaining about certain outcomes in our lives. “Remember you chose this.” Yadayadayada….However, choices are not always met with clarity or civility, proper follow through, or desired outcomes. This is a free choice world and that means everyone included in our contract must respond appropriately to our chosen structure and that often, simply doesn’t happen.

At the risk of contradicting myself, I am also going to add that there is often very little “free choice” as this is a heavily burdened karmic world and the phrase “freedom to choose” gets whittled down to a few things like what to eat for dinner and what pajamas you will put on. Many of our choices are much more influenced by the past, our DNA and those karmic ties which we seek to break, heal and remove altogether.

A little goes a long way! See Jeanne, that wasn’t so very hard to do! I wonder what I will be sharing tomorrow?

Hmmm, the Burden of the Collective…until next time.

Coalition Healing

I have been hearing from and connecting to a few new friends from the other side. They have beautiful, inspirational things to say. It makes the day move much more effortlessly. It is also a reminder that this “Coalition Healing” thing is working and they have to me to tell you so. They want you to know not to give up or lose faith. They say to “spread the word” about the power of thought and the power of knowing beyond the appearance of darkness. They want you to know that there has always been a plan…even in the seeming randomness of this time. They want you to know that it is time to dance. They want you to know that singing to our earth is magical and that dancing with our MOTHER even more precious. They want you to know that you are deeply and endlessly LOVED.

Children of the Divine

Today I am visualizing our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants glowing…glowing with the energy of the Divine. And I sing to her and all her children big and small, dark or light and everything in between, how beautiful you/we all are. I see past the differences and the indifference. I see past that which appears so dark and horrible and instead I put my version of LIFE into the mix…walking over and through the old stories and planting new ones. It only takes a few to make a huge difference. Join me as I sing past the sorrow and the darkness, the blame and the shame. My Christmas story is about unconditional, pervasive love…an epidemic of LOVE. Let’s see how fast and furious this epidemic will spread.

Our Divine Mother

Because this life is only one of many, we can relax knowing that we are on a continuous ride of love and light. As we help our Mother today we appreciate her tenacious attitude, her willingness to persevere and the ability to laugh when we just don’t get it. The thoughts I have about helping her today include the willingness on our part to be included in her magic…the awesomeness of her beauty and the strength of her character. She has “allowed” us to be here for our own growth and delight. Do you think she would have allowed us to stay all this time if she didn’t feel there was hope, a chance to learn and to upgrade our consciousness? It seems she has more faith in us than perhaps we have in ourselves. And it gives new meaning to I AM…We Are. We are charged to become ONE with our DIVINE MOTHER…and as a result, the extension of her life in the Divinity of our Mother Earth.

I choose to sing a new song about my MOTHER…one that is filled with hope and enthusiasm. gratitude and awe. We are SO blessed. Thank you Mother Earth for not giving up on me…us…everyone.

Awakening our Innate Being

To awaken there must be a desire to express more of our innate Being. Too often circumstances, choices and just plain bad stuff brings us away from the desire to explore and to become more. On an individual level that is terrible but as a collective it is disastrous. This week we are going to push ourselves further into the consciousness of the Divine…awakening ourselves so fully that we can begin to think and be and do so differently that nothing looks or feels the same. Why is this important? Because, without our transformation we cannot believe or see or surround our world with change and illumination. If we cannot bring it to ourselves we cannot bring it to our world.

Does it matter when I say to you that there are a multitude of angels and spiritual beings watching over us? Does it matter to you that each and everyone of us is already and can be further connected to the Divine?

We might think of ourselves as giant root systems all connected to one another around our Mother Earth. Perhaps our roots have been stopped or are inclined to be broken from disease and lack of attention. We can fix that. We can see the roots becoming healthy and connected once again. We can pause and take a moment to feel our connectedness. We can make a measured approach to understand and experience the unique position we are in at this time. WE have the POWER…we ARE the power that our Mother Earth seeks in order to redirect and correct the massive level of spiritual forgetfullness that has become a plague around our globe.

Today, as we enter the Holiday season with a its beauty and all the commercialism, we have the power to redirect our thinking, our perspective. Today we have the opportunity to be honestly different in our approach to all things Christmas. We have the POWER to turn the apparent selfishness of commercialism and disrespect for our Sacredness of this time into the beauty of KNOWING of SEEING and of BEING. But first we ourselves must believe this to be true. Today is the day for the opportunity to erase all doubts and fears that we cannot manage this in our every day lives. Today we take many opportunities to bridge the gap between non-belief and belief, between overcoming and being overcome. We take today to choose a different approach, a different cosmic song. We work to explore and forgive all the old stories which deny us our own personal happiness and connectedness to the God Source, the I AM.

Remember: I AM…We ARE.

As we view ourselves so we view our world.


Holiday Moments

It is times like these, holiday moments, when I feel spirit most of all. SO many who know my gifts come to me and whisper in my ear…”tell them that I love them. Tell them that we miss them. Tell them not to worry…all is well. Tell them to laugh more. Tell them to hope more…tell them to help others more because it will make their day brighter and more connected…But most of all tell them that we are only a breath away and come even closer this time of year to celebrate with them…to remember and to engage them into a new way of thinking and being. Tell them that this world is ours and that there are many many souls seen and unseen who walk with them to help gauge the truth of all that is transpiring, and to know when to love and when to love more.” This is their message of Truth and Hope and Light and Love…this is our universal message from the Sacred….This is the message of Thanksgiving.

Take the time to “see” the earth.

It is the day before Thanksgiving, and for the last two days we have been giving of ourselves, our thoughts and our healing words. Today we are going to extend beyond what we thought was possible. We are going to stretch our beliefs and what we think we know and try something even more healing and anchored. Today our words/thoughts will become visual. Today we will take the time to “see” the earth, her people and all the living energy on the earth turn into the energy of LIGHT. In the presence of life we know that there is a tremendous power to change things…perceptions, prejudice and the uninformed. Our astronauts have spoken extensively about how absolutely exquisite our little blue planet is from the view on the ISS. How amazing and undisturbed it appears from their view. So…today we are going to borrow that view, that vision and we are going to establish a network of Light energy circling the planet. We are going to become a cosmic coalition of Light workers and healers. We are going to embrace one another with the sole purpose of healing and awakening those who are living on Mother Earth.And as we are doing this we can also hold the mantra of the I AM…and bring it to the We ARE.

We are infusing the energy of the I AM and the We Are into this great encircling light that swirls around our planet with wisdom and grace.Using the statements of healing from yesterday we are building a sound system. A sound system which promotes only balance and harmony and right action.The light becomes sound and the mantras become light and each part of this takes a synergistic turn towards the whole.

We are now singing with our Mother and our song begins to erase the darkness and the illusion which brings so much chaos. We stand for another form of life and its creation. We stand for Balance and Honor, Healing and Beauty. We stand for Compassion and Forgiveness. And as this takes place we ourselves shift from dark to light, from fear to love.

It is important to remember that this intention begins to stimulate and create a new order; first within us and then within the world and our Mother Earth. With this work we are setting the tone to shift the collective…

I am…We are…ONE.

I am …We are…LOVE

I am…We are…LIGHT

and the mantra continues….


Today, as part of our shifting consciousness globally, we must first shift our own perceptions within our own consciousness. TODAY I AM…is the Mantra. This is a powerful statement because we often say the negative: I am tired. I am lonely. I am fed up. We are going to turn things around for ourselves and then we will turn things around in how we speak of the world and those who live in it.

The spoken word is powerful and it is time to grasp this power and use it for the good of our Mother and all who live here.

I am Peace…We are Peace
I am Wisdom…We are Wisdom
I am honor…We are Honor
I am Goodness…We are Goodness
I am Light…We are Light.
I am Love…We are Love

This series of statements needs to sing around the world. It needs to swirl around our inner thinking, taking hold of our conscious mind, permeating our very BEING. As it is anchored within us we then can send this consciousness to the world.

The loudest, clearest words thoughts and deeds are what prevails. We need to make a joyful noise of Truth and Centeredness.

Thoughts are things…they have tremendous energy. We cannot allow ourselves to slip into the darkness with our words. This is a challenge. It will lead us through to the next level of awakening the un-awakened, once we realize who WE are and how much power WE have to make a difference.

Today we command the power of the I AM and in so doing we are commanding the power of the I AM for the world. Later we will use this wisdom in more specific ways. We are a wonderful coalition of I AM warriors…no contradiction here. Warriors are strong because they know who they are, and in that knowing they do not have to be brutal or violent. They use the power of their center in the I am to bring about change.

Today I AM!

It is Time for a Campaign

So, the much hated pipe line burst and dumped at least 200,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota. And I am thinking to myself…how are we going to change this? How can we redirect the energy, the attitude, the procedures of greed? And then I realized it is time for a campaign…a campaign unlike any other. It is neither political or hate-filled. And it can be done at any time by anyone. Instead of posting lovely statements …which are about how grateful I am/we are..and are always lovely… I think it is time for action. And this holiday season is the best time for the gifts of change and healing.

We are all capable of healing. Our words heal. Our actions heal. Our attitude heals.We all participate in healing on a daily basis. We may not think in those terms but we still do the healing. It is time now to form a coalition…a collection of healing with the prime directive being our Mother Earth. We love her to various degrees and to various degrees we do what we can to help her. But…so very many are now disconnected or do not believe they have any power to change, to heal, to reconnect to our beautiful Mother. The thing is…she will still be here long after life may not be. How do we want to leave her?

Being that Thanksgiving is very close and Christmas and Hanukkah are close as well… it is time to gift Our Mother.

I will post every day what I receive in order to bring this change into the conscious world. We are powerful beings. We can do this in ways we have stepped away from. Now it is the time to walk back into the goodness and power of our natural healing essence. Remembering too that healing can come in many forms we will allow ourselves to be open to what can happen.

So, on this First Day as the Quakers would say, I am making a vow to hold the Earth Mother as the soul of our world. She holds us and carries us and manifests the beauty and wisdom of GOD. We can do no less for her.

On this Day, I sing my prayers for the awakening of all who have forgotten. And I “wear” this prayer in every part of my thinking as a mantra: The powerful “remembering” is streaming through our nation and our world. We are ONE…and in this we are truly able to help Our Mother.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are gathering our energies and we are emerging…and we shall over come the darkness and disconnect with light and connection.