It is Time for a Campaign

So, the much hated pipe line burst and dumped at least 200,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota. And I am thinking to myself…how are we going to change this? How can we redirect the energy, the attitude, the procedures of greed? And then I realized it is time for a campaign…a campaign unlike any other. It is neither political or hate-filled. And it can be done at any time by anyone. Instead of posting lovely statements …which are about how grateful I am/we are..and are always lovely… I think it is time for action. And this holiday season is the best time for the gifts of change and healing.

We are all capable of healing. Our words heal. Our actions heal. Our attitude heals.We all participate in healing on a daily basis. We may not think in those terms but we still do the healing. It is time now to form a coalition…a collection of healing with the prime directive being our Mother Earth. We love her to various degrees and to various degrees we do what we can to help her. But…so very many are now disconnected or do not believe they have any power to change, to heal, to reconnect to our beautiful Mother. The thing is…she will still be here long after life may not be. How do we want to leave her?

Being that Thanksgiving is very close and Christmas and Hanukkah are close as well… it is time to gift Our Mother.

I will post every day what I receive in order to bring this change into the conscious world. We are powerful beings. We can do this in ways we have stepped away from. Now it is the time to walk back into the goodness and power of our natural healing essence. Remembering too that healing can come in many forms we will allow ourselves to be open to what can happen.

So, on this First Day as the Quakers would say, I am making a vow to hold the Earth Mother as the soul of our world. She holds us and carries us and manifests the beauty and wisdom of GOD. We can do no less for her.

On this Day, I sing my prayers for the awakening of all who have forgotten. And I “wear” this prayer in every part of my thinking as a mantra: The powerful “remembering” is streaming through our nation and our world. We are ONE…and in this we are truly able to help Our Mother.

We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are gathering our energies and we are emerging…and we shall over come the darkness and disconnect with light and connection.