# 42 Removing the Doubt

Sometimes, no matter what we know or how we have experienced life, there is DOUBT. Of course we acknowledge that doubt is connected to fear. The biggest healing element in redirecting doubt is through the energy wisdom of trust. Trust is so often removed from our consciousness through abuse: physically, mentally, sexually and in the betrayal of those crimes of consciousness.

We often choose families, friends and circumstances which might be in our lives to teach us how to move from doubt and fear to love and forgiveness. Often, however, the disconnect is much greater than anticipated and working to dissolve the negative energies of doubt and fear prove much stronger than our ability to love and forgive…to trust.

Removing doubt happens in stages and almost always has to do with our connection to the Divine. When the connection to the Divine is damaged, when the fears of our lives seem greater than our connection to our God Source we fear our own ability to create, to step out of our limited view and take (perceived) risks. We would rather know every detail of the the next experience before stepping into an unknown area of experience or set of circumstances. Doubt overrides trust and we continue to be encircled with the snare of fear rather than the circle of love.

Ego…an Extremely Gigantic Organization…puts the mind/ego into fear and doubt and wants to control every experience…just in case there might be an unforeseen error. Unfortunately, enjoying the flow of love and success in our lives does not work that way. In order to work through our doubt about opportunities, people and situations, we must first step into the Sacred Source. This space guarantees our connection to the Divine and in the Divine there is complete trust and inspiration.  There is clarity and progression.  We are open and able to receive creative flow without any doubt, hidden or perceived.

Today we walk in Trust as we know and recognize that Trust comes from our Divine connection to the God Source. We lose the doubt that at times has crippled us and choose instead to “progress with freedom” as we are illumined and inspired, trusting our connection with the Divine.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


# 32 So Much Love

On this Sunday morning I wish to share with you …all my love…all the love that flows through me this morning. I had a  spectacular dream with someone who is very special to me this early morning and as I looked into his eyes I felt myself understanding that he came to me to open my heart.  It was a cosmic opening, so far beyond our earth love.  It had depth and warmth beyond the confines of our earth understanding…this love enveloped my very essence and brought me back to my original nature.  I remember saying to myself in the dream that I had to remember this. And, of course, I didn’t want to leave him…the energy…the essence and power of this cosmic love.

So often when we don’t feel the love from another, we really don’t feel it for ourselves.  We keep looking outside of ourselves.  We try on different relationships and when they fail to provide what we are looking for we get bitter, angry and we separate further from our own truth: we are already love. This early morning dream said it all to me: I am now ready to be filled. This wonderful being came to me because I am now available and willing to be full of the cosmic flow of everlasting divine love. He was in my dream to remind me of this and open my heart so that I could receive.

My dear friends…are you ready to receive? I pray you are. When you are ready there is new life.  When you are ready the prejudices of life melt away.  When you are ready the pain and suffering disappear.  There is no room for lack and indifference.  There is only room for LOVE…allow it to wash over you like the colors of the rainbow.  Allow this divine love to fill your soul, overriding any difficulties that might remain and block you from the essence of this divine love.

There is a cosmic opening of the Divine Heart today. Let us step into this Circle of Divine Love together.  It is for everyone.  It is for the world.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


# 31 A Moment of Silence

We are now officially into the season of Spring and can access, discover and promote the energy of this creative season. Spring is the metaphor for new life and awakening.  It is a time of things silent and unseen coming back into view, new and better than before. It is a time for personal access to the energy of creative flow. It is time to connect with the Divine in all life.

Today we are making a promise to spend a moment or two in silence. We are allowing ourselves to activate the creative source within us. We sit with appreciation and knowing that there is so much in our lives yet to be experienced. The way to our fulfillment is through the stillness of being.

Mother Earth connects to us when we seek her.  She calls us forward and asks nothing in return. She is our Mother: divine, supporting, unconditional…and she is always here for us. Today we can do two things…connect to our Divine Mother and as we connect to her we connect to our inner sacred energy: that of God within.

At times the world is tough, demanding, dark and difficult.  However, there is another much more beautiful world available for us.  This is the day to be in silence and know how much our Mother is a part of us.  Today is the day to reconnect to this original world. The illusion of difficulty is overcome with goodness and order, love and respect. As we take a moment to remember, connect, and promote with our vision of the Divine Mother, the TRUE world begins to surface. That of Love, Forgiveness, Right Action, Peace, Respect and Honor begin to surface in this world because we allow it to surface within ourselves. We become the Flower of God.  It is up to us as to how we bloom.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#30 The Energy of the Spring Equinox

Spring is definitely springing around this house hold.  It is my granddaughter’s birthday and she sprang out of bed an hour early knowing that this is her special day.  Her brother was up before she was, wanting to wake her up in order to help her celebrate her big day. I am privileged to be a part of this loving order of family.

The big picture here is the energy which comes with the change from winter to spring. Even the younger ones realize this.  Yes, for our family it is a special occasion. However, Elijah, my 6 year old grandson, has taken to enjoying the roses and other flowers we have growing in the front of our home. He feels the magic of the flower energy and is very drawn in by their vibrant colors and fragrances. He understands the importance of nature…we have a crystal fairy garden out in the back yard.

Living in California one might think that it is always spring here.  However, we have a terrible, record breaking drought going on so the flowers that manage to survive much less water are of particular beauty for us. Whether we live in the drought areas of California or in the bitter cold of the mid-west and east, there is a particular energy which shifts regardless of our location. Today is our day to acknowledge this shift and enjoy the new energy…the renewal of life, the power of new growth, the joy of warmer temperatures and the flowering of all that has been asleep during the winter months.

How awake can we be today?  How aware can we be with our environment? Can we say a prayer with Mother Earth?  Can we hold her in our arms as she struggles, at times, to support us? Can we find a peaceful place to sit for a moment and reclaim what we might have lost or forgotten…those brilliant energies of youth which used to be our livelihood? Can we allow ourselves to remember when we would roll in the grass, play outside well after the sun went down, as we discovered the magic of hidden corners and big trees for cover in a game of hide-and-seek?

Today we are in renewal, thanking the Earth Mother for her courage to be our home. Being in the grace of love and appreciation for all the new life we are growing within ourselves during this Lenten series.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


#29 How Are We Doing?

There are some days when it is difficult to find our equilibrium! As a former Teaching Principal at a local Quaker school I was fortunate to be able to teach the children how to “center down” every morning. It began our day. Even the kindergarteners learned how to sit quietly and still their personal activity for a few minutes. As the year progressed even my little 5 and 6 years olds knew the language and the value of centering down. Of course this process was a form of meditation.  We used visualizations to help guide the quiet time, played peaceful music and most importantly allowed them a daily opportunity to learn how to practice being still and listening to that of “God within”. If for some reason we had an activity which kept us from this beginning ritual, we all felt it. When we had a break we would stop then and there and take a few moments.  The students always noticed the difference from within themselves and in the group dynamic.

Those years were powerful ones…for so many reasons. The biggest gifts came from these innocents who understood through prayer and quiet time how they were benefiting themselves for success and happiness.

So, how are we doing? Are we peaceful today? Do we need a moment to center down, taking deep breaths to remind ourselves how powerful we are in our daily living? Each one of us, in our own way, can create a routine/ritual for beginning our day. It really doesn’t matter how you do it:  music…a brisk walk…yoga…quiet moments just to clear the energy. It only matters that you do it.  It doesn’t need to be a long process…ten or fifteen minutes.  It is a moment of remembering who we are and calling forth the higher, lighted energy of the Sacred Self to step into our daily life…helping us to work through the day with ease and grace.

We do not do this earth thing alone.  We have access to wonderful, guided understanding but first we must honor it by acknowledging the process and committing to spending a few moments with the higher, balanced parts of ourselves.  We set our intention for a guided day, we accept its possibilities and we go forth knowing that we have prepared ourselves for the wisdom and grace it provides.  This quiet time reminds us about who we really are and allows us constant access to ALL of the I AM of our unlimited creation.

I am willing…I am connected…I am in the constant flow of the Divine.

#28 Friends

It is always amazing to me how I found my “pod”…a loving group of people who love me unconditionally and support me through my life, good or bad, with all of its ups and downs. I watch Facebook posts from others about how their friends have disappointed them or somehow not understood them when they needed their support and compassion the most.

Today is a new start in friendship…a new day to evaluate how we see ourselves interacting with our group.  Do we constantly try to get something from our friends? Do we have more expectations for our friends then we do for ourselves? Do we expect our friends to make up for what we feel we don’t have in our personal lives? Are we needy about attention and self-worth?

Friendship is a gift, a delightful experience between two people…shared moments of life’s events. Ask yourself what you are giving to your friend, without expectation.  Are you a good listener? Do you support your friends when they feel out of touch in life? Do you honor and respect them even if you disagree?

The best way to have a great friend is to be one. If the relationship seems out of balance then perhaps it is time to release the expectations and move on. True friendship can last a life time. Freedom comes in the knowing that our friends are there for us…regardless of the miles, the amount of phone calls or visits. A true friends love us unconditionally.  The question remains…do we love ourselves unconditionally? As we love and support ourselves then we attract the same response from others. It is never fair to ask another to fill us up when we do not do that for ourselves.  As in any relationship…we give because it feels good…not to receive.  In the freedom of giving, our friendship creates a loving flow between us.  There is trust and balance, laughter and support…without agenda or ego.

As we give love without expectation there is a tremendous bond of trust. This is true friendship.  To all my amazing friends out there…You are so beautiful, so loved!  You are the best and you make my world sparkle!

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!


#27 Understanding Loss

#27 Understanding Loss

Today is my day to take a personal inventory and review all that is good in my life, and all that has been good in my life…leaving a personal space for all that will be good as I walk forward. We talked yesterday about loss and the hardship it brings.  Today we will talk about loss and all the beauty it contains. When I lost my daughter almost 4 years ago I could see nothing beautiful about being left behind.  I could find no joy in one more event in my life and in my family’s life which ripped my heart and brought me to my knees. If I knew there was a purpose for her saying good by I didn’t see it. Slowly, however, I began to respond to something deep and awakening…her voice, her presence right beside me. Her comfort was moment by moment and her inspiration led me to places in my life that simply were not attainable before she left.

We have all had moments, events like this…it is inevitable while living in this human world. My neighbor lost her only child, a son, when he was 5 and a half years old.  I remember thinking: how can she do this?…how can she walk through this devastating loss?  Her son died before my Kylleen did.  I comforted her the best I could and when my daughter passed she comforted me. Together we belonged to this special club…

My neighbor shared with me later that having lost her son was the worst …but she, too, felt him, heard him whisper to her and felt his presence in the most interesting ways. She spoke about what this loss taught her and how she adjusted…realizing that life is now more precious than ever to her.  She has said that because of this loss, over time, she has begun to see the beauty in the every day world.  She stops to listen and to experience things she didn’t pay attention to before her son’s death. Would she wish him here?  Of course! But her sense of life has continued in a positive way, opening her up to the sacredness she was not fully aware of before.

Today is a sacred day! Let us remember that beauty is all around and that our loved ones come so very close to us when there is celebration…St.Patrick’s Day and many other events, birthdays, anniversaries, and other holidays we celebrate. Allow the connection, the experience of those you have loved and lost to be with you. You are not imagining it…it is not the grief giving you false readings…as my daughter would keep saying to me in those first years after her passing: “Don’t cry mommy.  I am right here.”

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

#26 LOSS

There are many circumstances in our lives which prove so difficult that staying on this planet is sometimes questionable. I haven’t met a person who hasn’t at some point considered just not being here. It isn’t so much about a violent removal of life but rather a “just waking up and being somewhere else moment”. Whether we wish to physically leave or just “check out” of our responsibilities in living, we must come to understand that we are all connected and that in that connection is over-riding wisdom, help, compassion and LOVE!

Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a living space, friends and relationships are way up there on the Loss-o-Meter of life. Any one of these losses can trigger many deep seated insecurities, unspoken from the past, compounded by the emptiness this “leaving” has created. When we speak of the depth of losing we also must understand the fear that goes with it.  We become afraid that we will never love that way again, or be able to create another job that is right for us again.  And certainly if we have lost someone who has passed over the ache can convince us that we can never experience that person again.

The next few posts will address loss and all that continues with the process of walking through our losses with grace, wisdom and understanding. For today, we will think of the losses which have been most significant for us.  We will write them down and place them in the order of intensity that we have experienced them. Then we will gauge our energy around each loss…from the worst to the least horrible and damaging.  Taking inventory in this way will help all of us to understand the levels of our experiences and as such we can then begin to infuse unconditional love and forgiveness into each situation.

This is a very dramatic part of recovery.  We are not going to erase the memory of a loved one or forget we ever lost a job etc.  But we are going to facilitate our own recovery and placement of each loss in a way that will help us walk forward in our lives making the best of each day with what we DO have in our lives.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!

# 26 The Luck of the Irish

Well, a good Sunday mornin’ to ya! In the spirit of our upcoming St Patrick’s day celebration I thought it would be fitting to spin a little yarn about “luck”.

It is true that there are those individuals who seem to win almost everything they try their hand at; my dad was one of those. In reality, the truth of our “luck” is based on our outlook and our belief system. We bring to us what we believe: how worthy we feel…how deserving (not entitlement)…and having the key to this: non-attachment.

My father didn’t care whether he brought home the TV set from Friday’s pool at work.  He was a free agent in this thinking. He was delightful.  He played, he worshiped and he understood the law of attraction. He had very little fear about anything.  He loved and he danced in the light of spirit. I accredit his amazing ability to win at everything, including dominoes, with his deep spiritual sense of being. My mother thought he was a bit child-like about his easy sense of life.  She didn’t flow in the same manner of consciousness as he did.

As a result of my dad’s belief system he never seemed to lack; he never seemed to struggle. Granted he was older when I was born so he had probably worked out some of the kinks of consciousness, but he lived as he believed and he attracted much to him because he understand that GOD had his back.  He understood how to dance with the spirit of the angels.  He knew that he need not struggle against the world, but join in and delight in his life.  He felt deeply and truly blessed and his life attracted those elements of kindness and love and flow that brought him all that was true.

My friends, delight in who you are! Play in the spirit of the young! Laugh! Love! Throw the cares and burdens away today and rediscover the playfulness you once had.  Do something fun! Relax and take a non-thinking-about the worries of life day!  It is Sunday and it is our day of rest. Build your luck…build the attraction of goodness by becoming in tune to your light and joy and playfulness.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!