Awakening our Innate Being

To awaken there must be a desire to express more of our innate Being. Too often circumstances, choices and just plain bad stuff brings us away from the desire to explore and to become more. On an individual level that is terrible but as a collective it is disastrous. This week we are going to push ourselves further into the consciousness of the Divine…awakening ourselves so fully that we can begin to think and be and do so differently that nothing looks or feels the same. Why is this important? Because, without our transformation we cannot believe or see or surround our world with change and illumination. If we cannot bring it to ourselves we cannot bring it to our world.

Does it matter when I say to you that there are a multitude of angels and spiritual beings watching over us? Does it matter to you that each and everyone of us is already and can be further connected to the Divine?

We might think of ourselves as giant root systems all connected to one another around our Mother Earth. Perhaps our roots have been stopped or are inclined to be broken from disease and lack of attention. We can fix that. We can see the roots becoming healthy and connected once again. We can pause and take a moment to feel our connectedness. We can make a measured approach to understand and experience the unique position we are in at this time. WE have the POWER…we ARE the power that our Mother Earth seeks in order to redirect and correct the massive level of spiritual forgetfullness that has become a plague around our globe.

Today, as we enter the Holiday season with a its beauty and all the commercialism, we have the power to redirect our thinking, our perspective. Today we have the opportunity to be honestly different in our approach to all things Christmas. We have the POWER to turn the apparent selfishness of commercialism and disrespect for our Sacredness of this time into the beauty of KNOWING of SEEING and of BEING. But first we ourselves must believe this to be true. Today is the day for the opportunity to erase all doubts and fears that we cannot manage this in our every day lives. Today we take many opportunities to bridge the gap between non-belief and belief, between overcoming and being overcome. We take today to choose a different approach, a different cosmic song. We work to explore and forgive all the old stories which deny us our own personal happiness and connectedness to the God Source, the I AM.

Remember: I AM…We ARE.

As we view ourselves so we view our world.