#30 The Energy of the Spring Equinox

Spring is definitely springing around this house hold.  It is my granddaughter’s birthday and she sprang out of bed an hour early knowing that this is her special day.  Her brother was up before she was, wanting to wake her up in order to help her celebrate her big day. I am privileged to be a part of this loving order of family.

The big picture here is the energy which comes with the change from winter to spring. Even the younger ones realize this.  Yes, for our family it is a special occasion. However, Elijah, my 6 year old grandson, has taken to enjoying the roses and other flowers we have growing in the front of our home. He feels the magic of the flower energy and is very drawn in by their vibrant colors and fragrances. He understands the importance of nature…we have a crystal fairy garden out in the back yard.

Living in California one might think that it is always spring here.  However, we have a terrible, record breaking drought going on so the flowers that manage to survive much less water are of particular beauty for us. Whether we live in the drought areas of California or in the bitter cold of the mid-west and east, there is a particular energy which shifts regardless of our location. Today is our day to acknowledge this shift and enjoy the new energy…the renewal of life, the power of new growth, the joy of warmer temperatures and the flowering of all that has been asleep during the winter months.

How awake can we be today?  How aware can we be with our environment? Can we say a prayer with Mother Earth?  Can we hold her in our arms as she struggles, at times, to support us? Can we find a peaceful place to sit for a moment and reclaim what we might have lost or forgotten…those brilliant energies of youth which used to be our livelihood? Can we allow ourselves to remember when we would roll in the grass, play outside well after the sun went down, as we discovered the magic of hidden corners and big trees for cover in a game of hide-and-seek?

Today we are in renewal, thanking the Earth Mother for her courage to be our home. Being in the grace of love and appreciation for all the new life we are growing within ourselves during this Lenten series.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!