# 42 Removing the Doubt

Sometimes, no matter what we know or how we have experienced life, there is DOUBT. Of course we acknowledge that doubt is connected to fear. The biggest healing element in redirecting doubt is through the energy wisdom of trust. Trust is so often removed from our consciousness through abuse: physically, mentally, sexually and in the betrayal of those crimes of consciousness.

We often choose families, friends and circumstances which might be in our lives to teach us how to move from doubt and fear to love and forgiveness. Often, however, the disconnect is much greater than anticipated and working to dissolve the negative energies of doubt and fear prove much stronger than our ability to love and forgive…to trust.

Removing doubt happens in stages and almost always has to do with our connection to the Divine. When the connection to the Divine is damaged, when the fears of our lives seem greater than our connection to our God Source we fear our own ability to create, to step out of our limited view and take (perceived) risks. We would rather know every detail of the the next experience before stepping into an unknown area of experience or set of circumstances. Doubt overrides trust and we continue to be encircled with the snare of fear rather than the circle of love.

Ego…an Extremely Gigantic Organization…puts the mind/ego into fear and doubt and wants to control every experience…just in case there might be an unforeseen error. Unfortunately, enjoying the flow of love and success in our lives does not work that way. In order to work through our doubt about opportunities, people and situations, we must first step into the Sacred Source. This space guarantees our connection to the Divine and in the Divine there is complete trust and inspiration.  There is clarity and progression.  We are open and able to receive creative flow without any doubt, hidden or perceived.

Today we walk in Trust as we know and recognize that Trust comes from our Divine connection to the God Source. We lose the doubt that at times has crippled us and choose instead to “progress with freedom” as we are illumined and inspired, trusting our connection with the Divine.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!