#41 All In Due Time

My dear friends…all in due time. There are many times in our lives when we are hopeful, perhaps anxious about new situations, circumstances, happenings on their way for us.  However, many is the time when the wait seems endless and the patience of the personality is next to nothing. We feel like a child asking: “Are we there yet?”

It is especially difficult when we are asking for a healing for ourselves or perhaps a friend or family member. Our prayers can start out pleasant and positive but as time goes on and we do not see the result we want or have a situation turn out the way we think it should,  we become disillusioned and lose the faith necessary to see the situation or condition through to the end.

Prayer is an endless expression of the Divine.  It has no beginning and no end.  It is consciousness.  It is Truth. Prayer moves energy so that it will match the desired energy configuration  for a successful outcome. When we pray without ceasing…when we pronounce the Truth of Wholeness in every situation, we start a cycle of completion.  Sometimes the cycle is short and sometimes the cycle is longer than we would like it to be. And sometimes the desired result does not match our expectation.

However, as we truly release with the power of knowing, that which needs to happen… will. We define the results with Sacred Healing and not our limited version of what we think must be.

In due time…but it is Sacred Time…not human time.  It is divinely ordered… not humanly placed with our fears and left over baggage shaping our prayers. We clear with the Ho’oponopono bringing the quiet space directly to our center and in that center our prayers are clear and balanced and holy. We let go of worry and concern and embrace the higher sacred power in all living things. We trust the unseen and relinquish any control we think we might have as we allow the energy of Love’s mastery to do its powerful work.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!