Today, as part of our shifting consciousness globally, we must first shift our own perceptions within our own consciousness. TODAY I AM…is the Mantra. This is a powerful statement because we often say the negative: I am tired. I am lonely. I am fed up. We are going to turn things around for ourselves and then we will turn things around in how we speak of the world and those who live in it.

The spoken word is powerful and it is time to grasp this power and use it for the good of our Mother and all who live here.

I am Peace…We are Peace
I am Wisdom…We are Wisdom
I am honor…We are Honor
I am Goodness…We are Goodness
I am Light…We are Light.
I am Love…We are Love

This series of statements needs to sing around the world. It needs to swirl around our inner thinking, taking hold of our conscious mind, permeating our very BEING. As it is anchored within us we then can send this consciousness to the world.

The loudest, clearest words thoughts and deeds are what prevails. We need to make a joyful noise of Truth and Centeredness.

Thoughts are things…they have tremendous energy. We cannot allow ourselves to slip into the darkness with our words. This is a challenge. It will lead us through to the next level of awakening the un-awakened, once we realize who WE are and how much power WE have to make a difference.

Today we command the power of the I AM and in so doing we are commanding the power of the I AM for the world. Later we will use this wisdom in more specific ways. We are a wonderful coalition of I AM warriors…no contradiction here. Warriors are strong because they know who they are, and in that knowing they do not have to be brutal or violent. They use the power of their center in the I am to bring about change.

Today I AM!