The Sacred ‘I AM’

December 9, 2015

The Sacred ‘I AM’

There has been a lot of talk of late about the idea of Oneness,

cottonwood fluff and seedThe Sacred, the Divine, Mother Earth, Gaia, Quan Yin etc., There are many philosophies, ideologies, religions etc., which permeate the earth grid but all seem to be getting lost in the power of identifying the messenger, all the while forgetting the Message. It is not the messenger who matters…it is and has always been the Message.

When I was a boy growing up pretty much all over the United States, my family had a few traditions which stood the test of time and helped each of us in the family to have some sense of normalcy.  Moving around so much meant we were constantly uprooted, having to make new friends and figure out the  latest territory within our neighborhood.  In some ways it really shaped and defined who I was. I was able to make friends easily but I found that I was not able to remain with them for very long and because of that I didn’t go very deeply into the friendship.  It was just a matter of time before I would have to leave my friends and that was painful. I got over it by looking at other things, including my love of music. Having traveled so much by the time I got to college I had developed a sense of the world which helped me shape my life as I moved forward. Because I had learned how to detach myself at almost a moment’s notice I was able to feel the freedom of traveling and taking risks. I was not tied to any one place or person as I began my music career and that allowed me to seek the highest ground in my art. There is definitely a down side to that but I have realized that by having the parents that I had, I had been programming myself for this type of nomadic gypsy life. Music was my dream, my purpose and my salvation.

But I digress, as Jeanne would say.

My real purpose for today is to tell you a bit about the Divine story…not as any particularly famous celebrity but as a person of interest directly glued to the television set of the Divine. I am just one of many who have been to those places where poets and scholars have visited in their musings. I have traveled to the stars and back, as people say.  I have touched the face of God and danced on silver wings.  But more importantly I have chosen to stay, to be here now and to share my version of life and light, love and forgiveness, peace and joy.  I am also hoping that the message will be more important than the messenger.

As you all do your thing with the shaping of the holidays…as you all decide who you wish to be during this season of celebrating… please allow me to add another view and perspective.

What if…what if the message is the same for all of us, regardless of our religious affiliation or the programming we have been receiving for many lifetimes? What if each messenger was here to share the understanding that Love Is All There Is? What if we are each a component of this message and we are here to help ourselves remember this and rediscover it? What if there is nothing else but “right here and now”. What if we could wave our hands and make the world a better place by erasing all the old stories, the misconceived ideas, the perpetual greed for honor which cannot come from anyone other than ourselves? What if we finally accepted that we are GOD…that the essence of God creation resides deeply embedded in each and every one of us?

I have seen a lot of things, been a lot of places since I left my body of John.  Not once did I find myself faced with darkness. Not once did something horrible attempt to overtake me.  However, when I first began to visit this particular vibration again the darkness was so very apparent.  Why? Because the world population believed it to be true. It sounds so simple, really…being able to eradicate the darkness by a wave of the hand…but imagine what would happen if the majority of beings on the planet at this time believed this? It would be like a wave of the hand…the cosmic hand erasing and eradicating all the untruths. Darkness only exists because the light has been covered up. Take the veil off of unbelief and you find yourselves facing the brilliant light of the Creator and its creation, which is you and me and everyone.

During this season of Light maybe we can attempt something we have forgotten: to be the Light…not just talk about it, sing about it, think about it…but BECOME the LIGHT. We can all do this with just a wave of our cosmic hand. We each have a cosmic hand and an earth hand…one that brings the truth of our Light to us and the other which distributes the Light to the world. We have forgotten we are already that which we seek.

When I first “went over” I was talking with the guidance team that had been assigned to me.  It was actually kind of trippy…but in actuality quite dramatic and powerful. I asked to see the overview of my life, thinking that is one of the first things that we are supposed to see. One particular counselor began to laugh, this roaring, obnoxious laugh.  I turned to him and quietly asked him to knock it off and have some respect. “I just died here…can you be any more annoying?” With that this particular gentleman just laughed even harder and longer.  Rule number One…don’t ask questions or tell the counselors what is going to happen. They are here to help us acclimate and we just don’t really know anything when we first get over. One of my many firsts in learning some divine humility.

The old story, apparently, about us reviewing our life or having it flash quickly before us may happen to a few but it definitely is not the norm. What is the norm is being quiet, observing, breathing and taking it all in…like a child seeing their first Christmas tree etc. (pardon the Christian reference). I was humbled beyond any thoughts of humbleness, not because I felt stupid or out of place but upon the realization that this new world I was to be a part of simply paled to any comparison of those who feel they know what it is to be here. There was such a sense of HOPE…no lingering drama or pain.

As you know I lost my head, quite literally, when I died.  Ha ha ha…some would argue that that was my last attempt at making a point…through the drama of my death. However, it was just the circumstances of my bodily demise. I never felt a thing. I just drifted to the sounds of a heavenly choir and found myself with these guidance counselors.  Apparently I rated several more than usual because of the magnitude my passing had on the world. They were there to shelter me as much as anything. Grief on a personal level is bad enough for those who depart the world arena, but for me, as a public figure, the wave of grief could quite possible catch up with me and pull me away from my new world. It has been known to happen. So, I was surrounded and shielded. And it was a good thing because my family was having a very difficult time, but to feel the weight of the world’s sadness was to be detrimental to acclimating me to my new world.

I say this because I want to share with you the magnitude and the power of LOVE as it came to me after my death. Although I was shielded and protected I was very much allowed to see and hear how the world was responding to my passage out of the world domain.

It was overpowering…overwhelming…beautiful.  It was almost too much for me to take in.  At one point I asked to be removed from this experience.  When I was asked why… I responded very simply…I am not that important or that worthy. That’s when this particular gentleman presented his very full view of what this transition will mean and will continue to mean over the years. It was so hard to take it all in.

I am going to call this gentleman Seth. And Seth continued to say to me, “You know son”…”don’t call me son”…”you have had an important position in this world but your place is still to continue here and with a little self-awareness of the cosmic kind you will soon come to know why you left when and as you did.  Come with me.”  And with that I found myself in the typical cosmic heavenly world that is just like we hear about…but even more. I could hear all this music and, of course, was really grovin’ on it when all of a sudden I realized that a huge curtain had opened up and Seth then encouraged me to send all the music I was hearing back to the earth…to help those who were in pain and feeling the loss of John Denver, but also their own losses of those whom they have loved.

And with a wave of my hand, my very cosmic hand…I redirected all the music back to the earth, such as a cosmic orchestral director would lead his musicians to play the beautiful symphonies that have been passed down through the ages.

It worked. And I found myself still involved with the very music that brought my soul deep and abiding joy. I found a way to return the beauty of sound and of the melodies and harmonies of the soul to my world that I had just left. I felt more like a magician waving his magic wand placing color and melody and beauty wherever it best served. And the sorrow of loss, of leaving my family and friends behind began to melt away.

I discovered the power of sound in ways I couldn’t have even dreamed about. I was learning to change energy.  I was being taught the structure of creation, its power and beauty and mysticism. I was being directed absolutely through the creation of LOVE.

And that is the whole point of this story today.  It is to speak of the unspeakable. To direct your consciousness to the power of Love and Light and Forgiveness and Joy. To paint with words a new potential for this holiday season. To help you uncover, remember, that all of you reading this possess a vital component of the Divine, of the Sacred I AM. When you speak the phrase I AM it is important to complete the mantra with I AM Light.  I AM Love…I AM truth…I AM healing…I AM erasing…everything that doesn’t hold LOVE, Light and Forgiveness. I am using my cosmic hand to wipe clean all that detracts from the story of our goodness, our beauty, our kindness, our ONENESS. I am aware and I am awakened.

Please don’t confuse the message with the messenger.  There are many who come and have come with a similar message.  But from here what we hear and see is that you are losing hope, you are losing the confidence to know that you are all this and more.  You always have been and you always will be LOVE.  There is no one as important as you at this moment in time. I am simply here to remind you of this and to encourage you to act out the Divine in your Christmas/Holiday story this year.