#44 In The Stillness

In the stillness of this day, between Good Friday and Easter, I celebrate my being. I gently move into the depth of my soul and revel in the glory of my creation. As I sit in the quietness of this day I reaffirm all that is Holy…All that is God. I hold this consciousness for others and remain true to my spiritual roots. I remember my truth: that of God lives within me. That of God lives within us all. Love is unconditional and forgiving. I am that love. I am that forgiving. I open mine eyes unto the hills and feel the promise of my own salvation facing me.  It is because I am the I AM. I am eternal, infinite and ever-evolving.

These are my truths and I rejoice in them. I carry them within me at all times…in my heart and in the very soul of me. The illusions are gone and new life begins. All is good. All is God and I am rejoicing.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!