#28 Friends

It is always amazing to me how I found my “pod”…a loving group of people who love me unconditionally and support me through my life, good or bad, with all of its ups and downs. I watch Facebook posts from others about how their friends have disappointed them or somehow not understood them when they needed their support and compassion the most.

Today is a new start in friendship…a new day to evaluate how we see ourselves interacting with our group.  Do we constantly try to get something from our friends? Do we have more expectations for our friends then we do for ourselves? Do we expect our friends to make up for what we feel we don’t have in our personal lives? Are we needy about attention and self-worth?

Friendship is a gift, a delightful experience between two people…shared moments of life’s events. Ask yourself what you are giving to your friend, without expectation.  Are you a good listener? Do you support your friends when they feel out of touch in life? Do you honor and respect them even if you disagree?

The best way to have a great friend is to be one. If the relationship seems out of balance then perhaps it is time to release the expectations and move on. True friendship can last a life time. Freedom comes in the knowing that our friends are there for us…regardless of the miles, the amount of phone calls or visits. A true friends love us unconditionally.  The question remains…do we love ourselves unconditionally? As we love and support ourselves then we attract the same response from others. It is never fair to ask another to fill us up when we do not do that for ourselves.  As in any relationship…we give because it feels good…not to receive.  In the freedom of giving, our friendship creates a loving flow between us.  There is trust and balance, laughter and support…without agenda or ego.

As we give love without expectation there is a tremendous bond of trust. This is true friendship.  To all my amazing friends out there…You are so beautiful, so loved!  You are the best and you make my world sparkle!

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!