The Truth About the Ho’oponopono

This concept of clearing/cleaning old stories fascinated me from the first time I heard about the work Dr. Hew Len did with the patients he “treated” at the Hawaiian State Hospital back in the 1980s. I have been doing healing energy work for many years but this particular format caught me deeply and hooked me in to a new level of exploration and incorporation, both personally and professionally.

As I grew in this understanding, as I allowed this model to become organic and not intellectual, my life began to change. It was clear, really deeply clear, that my world was a total manifestation of my thinking…my ideas and experiences about life. Yes, I had known this since I first began to study the metaphysical world, knowing that my head was my best and worst enemy.  In order to reclaim broken parts of myself I had to heal the incorrect configurations of what I thought my life had been and still was becoming. I loved and hated the idea that my “stories” could be cleared and that I could be freer than I ever “thought” possible. Yeah, right!

My dearest friends who are walking, working and becoming the LIGHT: We must find the courage to speak the truth…the truth that we no longer have to BE these stories to teach…to reach or to incorporate the contrasts we hold so dear in this world community. They are what they are…but if we truly seek the healing we talk about then we must move our experiences locked in these thoughts to another paradigm. Wow…that is huge!

There is a lot of talk among those of us seeking the higher ground in consciousness about ascension, about moving into the 5th dimension…whatever that is. I have had a different series of experiences and have been led by my own spiritual guidance to think about this differently.  It could be simply a matter of semantics but I think that making a few changes in this thinking might make deeper positive changes within the construction of consciousness.

Ascension implies moving up…transcendence means overcoming, moving beyond and in that overcoming there is expansion, more inclusion of ALL THAT IS. I personally would rather transcend. And perhaps to become more of the I AM both ascension and transcendence is required.

However we use our words and however we may be personally view ourselves the real essence is: how clear are we in our own thinking? How much have we released and recovered ourselves? How much limited thinking still lives within our daily routines?

There is no concept of perfection that fits beyond what we think we can achieve here. Perfection, the concept and implementation, is, in itself, a limited perspective of life and what it means to grow. If we somehow reach a state of “perfection” then we become stagnant and no longer support growth.  We are finished and there is no longer a need to have a life force…here or anywhere else. We can truly come to a place where we feel we have learned a certain aspect of life and are ready to move to the next level. But…we are ever expanding infinite beings and there is no level of completion which does not allow us to move to the next place of exploration within consciousness.

With this understanding and with the release work of allowing ourselves to shift and change in this new season…Autumn… provides us a unique opportunity to reap the collective healing that we have been “sewing” all summer long. We are these beautiful spirals of energetic love.  We move through and up, expanding, transcending, ascending in ways we have truly forgotten…until now. The shift of remembering is upon us…but the remembering is of our total, lighted, Sacred Self and not of the old pain-filled stories of loss, betrayal, sacrifice and fear.

Congratulations to you all…this is not our final destination but it is truly a remarkable destination…this awareness that we now are becoming free of the old unwanted stories and memories and that our memories are becoming clear, moving beyond the limits of earth thought and experience…breaking the barriers of prejudice and fear and instead becoming ALL THAT IS: the Sacred I AM.

One of my most favorite pieces by Brahms is: How Lovey is Thy Dwelling Place O Lord of Hosts. For those of you familiar with this particular piece of music it might be a nice time to tune in up and play it daily for a week so that you may feel and experience the changes within your energy field. For those who have never heard it…now is the time. Although written during the energy of the Christian concept of life it is no less inspired by a much bigger presence of Consciousness…Thy Dwelling Place…that is for us no matter the century, the world or the time. We get there by letting go…leaving the darkness of thought, mind, deed or action, walking instead into the house of God…the I AM, the Sacred space where love is ALL there is and forgiveness, gratitude and grace flows freely within our Sacred Sanctuary.

Happy Autumn!


I love you  Please forgive me  I am sorry   Thank you!

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