Holiday Moments

It is times like these, holiday moments, when I feel spirit most of all. SO many who know my gifts come to me and whisper in my ear…”tell them that I love them. Tell them that we miss them. Tell them not to worry…all is well. Tell them to laugh more. Tell them to hope more…tell them to help others more because it will make their day brighter and more connected…But most of all tell them that we are only a breath away and come even closer this time of year to celebrate with them…to remember and to engage them into a new way of thinking and being. Tell them that this world is ours and that there are many many souls seen and unseen who walk with them to help gauge the truth of all that is transpiring, and to know when to love and when to love more.” This is their message of Truth and Hope and Light and Love…this is our universal message from the Sacred….This is the message of Thanksgiving.