#8 The Loss of Old Stories

We have all lived through loss. We have all been victims. We have all struggled to stand upright. Now during this Lenten series we will strive to release all the old stories and circumstances which have left us bruised and battered and we will see these old stories disappear. We will no longer be defined by them.  We will no longer need to review them over and over again in the need to justify why we can’t be MORE.  Today we are releasing our victim stories.  We are burning them in the campfire. We are exposing them in their truth.  We no longer support blame, shame, or guilt. We, instead, choose New Life. We choose Love over Fear and in so doing we allow those dark, disturbed, broken parts of ourselves to leave and return to the LIGHT. We send these parts to the spiritual healing room, asking our angels to help them on their way. We use our mantra about forgiveness and love and we do this spiritual house cleaning with ease and grace.

I love you…Please forgive me…I am sorry…Thank you!