Beginning to live in the New Paradigm

It is almost time for our Summer Solstice.  A time that marks the longest day and a time which needs to be honored as we transition from Spring to Summer.

Recently I was traveling in my favorite land country…NW Nebraska. Those of you who know me and have followed my blog know of my love for this land, its history and the deeply personal healing which we have been working to facilitate.  This territory is Native American land. It is the place where the Indian Wars were fought…were Crazy Horse surrendered and was murdered.  It remains the constant reminder of battle, conflict and wars between cultures and politics. The final breech was with the Battle of Wounded Knee, a much publicized but little understand horrific conflict which literally tore apart the psychic and spiritual fabric of those clans who lived in that beautiful country.  The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is the poorest of reservations and is located just over the border between Nebraska and South Dakota.

There are many places in this fine country of ours which still hold battle scars and wounds. Our biggest loss came in the form of the Civil war…one which was hardly civil and happened because of political differences and cultural resistance and intolerance. We seem to be a proud people forgetting the sacrifices on our own land that have been made over time…and for what?

I am writing today not to be political but to speak of humanity. We, as a culture and as a society, need to carry into this new paradigm of consciousness a type of human response which seeks to understand before it destroys, seeks to honor before it ridicules and belittles, and seeks to forgive before it decides to hate.

The negative responses from individuals as well as groups, only seek to further wedge our world, destroying its whole blueprint for being here. This world is here for us…to explore, understand, measure and experience what is unavailable in other non-physical worlds.  It is precious and it is necessary.

We, many at least, have lost their way.  It is time to help ourselves and then others to restore the original intent for incarnating here…we must move into the new paradigm…actually a new and improved one from times past.

In the work I was involved with in the last few months we were directed to help heal this Sacred Circle, this Sacred paradigm of Life. We walked Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, the biggest medicine wheel in America. We were directed to place energy carried by the souls who have come here to help us transform from the dark side to the light around the base of Bear’s Tipi…as it is called by the Indians. (and yes, it is politically correct to call them Indians). We cleared and redirected and placed new, stronger paradigm energy carried by the ancient ones. We called forth the spirit of the Ancestors and carried the energy of White Buffalo Chief as well as Rose Bud.  We carried these Indian nations with us for they have been so blighted and removed from their original selves that their weariness could not walk this alone. We cooperated and listened, sang and danced, loved and honored our ancestors…for we are all indigenous to this Mother Earth.

I would like you to join with me in my next series in blogging this story. We all carry the energy and shame of Wounded Knee or of the huge battles of the South during the Civil war. We carry the inner city struggles and the crippling effects of prejudice at any level. The fantastic news is that we are not powerless.  We have this tremendous energy just waiting to be found, cultivated and used.  It is the power of our own Being…of Love and Forgiveness.  It is the ability and skill of redirecting our own inner voice from one of stillness and hopelessness and resignation to that of Self-Awareness and Progressive Intent. We are all star seed children of Light.  We are all creators! We are all part of this incredible Mother Earth! We are all Unconditional Love.  We are all Forgiveness. We are human and divine and we have deep memories of who we are which are powerful and progressive.

As we begin this series, this new paradigm will be a very personal and joy-filled walk. The Grandmothers are close…can you hear them?  They have this “stage whisper”…not hard to detect. I can hear them laughing.  I hear their voices thunder as they get ready to help you prepare for this power-invoking journey.